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5 Days of Great Gift Ideas From the Crew–Day 3–Entertaining Audio and Visual Productions!


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My kids watch a lot of TV and play far too many video games. That’s why I am so excited when an audio production or video production comes around to review on the crew. I have fond memories of listening to audio books or audio dramas or watching a great video with the boys. This year we reviewed five great audio and/or video items and all were a great hit with my family so I really think they will be a big hit for your family as well. All of them are absolutely fantastic.

Okay, I am going to introduce the first three together because they are from the same company, Heirloom Audio Productions. We first received one of their audio productions a couple of years ago and listened to it on our way to Canada. I was shocked! I never thought that my kids would be so enthralled with an audio drama but they were. So much so that we ordered another one to be delivered to us while on our trip so that we could listen to it on the way home. These are more than just “audio dramas” however, these are really audio productions! They are so well made with award winning actors and actresses voicing the parts and a grammy award winning composer writing the score. I have said it before and I will say it again. If you closed your eyes while listening to these, you could see the action in your mind. It is like being in a movie theater with your eyes closed but better! And, what is even more excellent is that all of their audio dramas are based on books by G. A. Henty. G. A. Henty writes fantastic adventure books based on actual things that happened in history. Let me tell you a little about the three that we reviewed this year and that I think would be absolutely wonderful gifts for your kids.


The Dragon and the Raven – This excellent audio production talks about when the Danes attacked England and defeated every kingdom until the got to Wessex which was ruled by King Alfred the great. KIng Alfred was able to withstand the attacks of the Danes and eventually was able to negotiate a peace treaty with them. Click on the link to my review to find out what famous actresses and actors were featured in this production. You won’t be disappointed!

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Beric The Briton – Is likewise as great! Beric the Briton is about a young man that ruled during the occupation of England by the Roman Empire. He leads his people against the mighty Roman forces and, along the way, learns about a man named Christ. I won’t mention what famous actors participated in this production that my kids were thrilled about! They are from some movies that I’m pretty sure your kids have seen and absolutely lived. Click on the link to my review to find out.

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The Cat of Bubastes – Okay, this has got to be our favorite yet. Probably because it was the first G. A, Henty book that my oldest son read and really intrigued his interest in the author. All of these audio productions are from history but also show how God worked in history. This one is excellent and takes place in ancient Rome. It his so many twists and turns in its plot but is absolutely spellbinding. Your kids will love it! Check out my review to find out more.

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The Familyman’s Christmas Treasury – Audio Collection – Now on to a little bit different audio production but one that is equally as excellent. I first heard about “The Familyman” a few years ago and was intrigued by his products and message. When I first heard we were going to review his Christmas Treasury I was thrilled. These are old fashioned great “Hallmark” type stories that were written by Todd Wilson (The Familyman) and excellently told by master storyteller Jim Hodges. These stories will make you laugh and cry and leave you with a great feeling when it’s over. Peak over at my review and you’ll read about an experience I had when I played a couple of these great audios to group of folks at a Bible Study I lead. Then click on the link to order them because not only will your kids love them but you will too.


Theo Vol. 1: God’s Love – This is my one visual production that I am including on this list, but it is a great one. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this video but quickly found out that it taught Biblical values in a way that my kids loved. Theo, an old retired professor, teaches Biblical principals to a couple of his mice friends using a mixture of real life lessons and stories from the Bible. This volume that focuses on God’s love is excellently made and my kids begged for more when they completed the three plus one bonus video included on this DVD. Check out the link to my review to find out more about this series.

We love audio and visual productions at our house, especially when travelling. I know if they can keep my kids entertained they can keep yours entertained as well.

Don’t forget that this is a five part series. Click on the banner below to get to the main page of my series that includes links to all five parts. Have a very blessed Christmas!

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