Monday, December 12, 2016

5 Days of Great Gift Ideas From the Crew–Day 5 - Magnificent Miscellaneous Gift Ideas For Family and Friends

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Over the years, we have reviewed a lot of interesting and unique things both on and off of the Homeschool Review Crew. Many of the unique things, as you will see below, are items that are used up and you have to buy them anew. We have reviewed soaps, foods, and other consumable objects that we have loved so much that we have bought over and over again. Two of the great gift ideas that I am writing about today are items that eventually will be depleted but I know you will want to order more. The third item isn’t an item that will be used up, but you will want to order more and more of them as gifts anyway. You’ll see what I mean. Let’s get started!


GREEMU – We have reviewed and loved many of items from Korunaturals, the company that distributes GREEMY, and we have loved every one of them. Have you ever wondered about the great things that are said about emu oil, but the thought of using an oil from an emu kind of deterred you from looking into it? Well, GREEMU has the same effects as emu oil, but is completely and naturally plant based. We absolutely loved it! Check it our by clicking on the link to my review or by clicking on the name above and going to their website.


Kwik Stix 12 pk – I remember when I was younger I loved working with tempera paints. However, when I became a parent, the thought of the mess scared me away from using them. Kwik Stix is simply tempera paint in a tube with a roller as the tip so that the tempera paint just rolls write on to posterboard, paper or whatever you want to draw on. It is no fuss and no mess and dries in 90 seconds! To find out more just click on the link to my review.


CrossTimber – I absolutely cannot say enough about this company. From the selection of products, to the costumer service, to the product itself – all is excellent! The main focus of CrossTimber is producing quality items with your name and meaning on them such as posters, cups and more. They meticulously look up each name to make sure of the correct meaning and always try to pick a Christian meaning. They also have names of God posters, mugs and more as well as other gift ideas. Let me repeat again, the completed product is beautiful. Please check them out! Click here for the link to my review.

Well, there you have it folks! My 5 Days of Great Gift Ideas From the Crew. I hope you enjoyed the series. Everything that I mentioned in all five days we absolutely loved. As I mentioned in my introductory post I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t think they were great. Again, if you want to go to my main 5 Days of Great Gift Ideas From the Crew page where you will find links to all of the 5 Days, just click on the banner below. Merry Christmas!

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