Sunday, January 22, 2017

Do You Believe in Love?


Beach 2


Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. I John 4:8

I talk a lot about my ministry on my blog. That’s one of the reasons I started writing on Families Again. Sometimes my ministry posts are informational, sometimes they are joyful, sometimes they are not so joyful.

Today was a long day of ministry. Of course we had our regular Sunday morning fellowship, but then I went full speed for over seven hours. Over five of those hours was dealing with a torn apart family and trying to help them pull the pieces back together. Three of the family members, teen brothers, are in state custody in two different boy’s group homes. They are the three that are going to become our foster sons for at least a few months.

I enjoy my Sunday afternoon visits, but often they are very difficult.

But I've found somewhere in this heart
A Friend for life
To hold me close, 'til all my fears subside

You can see it on the boy’s faces. Hurt – Pain – Hopelessness - Anger is written all over them. Many times it is self inflicted, but more times than not it is caused by outside circumstances.

I hurt for these boys. Many of them don’t know love. Many of them aren’t even sure they believe in love – at least not real love.

Unfortunately these hopeless feelings aren’t restricted to just boy’s in a boy’s home. I see those same looks on the teen boys that I have a weekly Bible study with.

I want to grab them! I want to look into their eyes and say that there is hope! They don’t have to continue to go from one hopeless situation to the next. They don’t have to throw their lives away. They can find true Hope and Love.

True love doesn't come and go
Here today then gone tomorrow

That Hope and Love is Jesus Christ.

Although I don’t always grab them, I do tell them about the God of Hope and Love. I pray that God will speak through me when I speak to them. There are some where I see a glimmer of hope but then there are others where I still see despair.

As I was thinking about today’s visits, God put these two songs into my mind. I may have posted them before but I really feel like God wants me to post them again. Perhaps it’s for one of my readers or someone that they know. I’ll post the lyrics below the songs.


Believe In Love Lyrics

After we have listened to everything
There is left to say.
Watching ev'ry pretense of reality
Slowly fade away
Why is all we desire
Taken from our hands
Every dream is drifting away

There is understanding for everyone
Who has ears to hear
No more looking over your shoulder
For someone to appear
Well maybe, you should be looking
Right into His eyes
Say goodbye to someone elses lies

I've got to know,
Do you believe in love
In all the things
You searched the world to find
But know nothing of.
Through the sun,
Through the fire, and the rain
Nobody will ever hurt you, yeah
If you believe...
In love.

Somedays I get up in the morning
And I wish I wasn't there
Life seems so incredibly lonely
When no one wants to care
But I've found somewhere in this heart
A Friend for life
To hold me close, 'til all my fears subside

I've got to know,
Do you believe in love,
In all the things
You searched the world to find,
But know nothing of
Through the sun,
Through the fire, and the rain
Nobody will ever hurt you,
Nobody will break your world in two
If you believe
In love

Don't be afraid
Don't be afraid
Of the questions anymore
The answer lies waiting.
Nobody, nobody, nobody,
Will hurt you again
I still believe

I've got to know,
Do you believe in love,
In all the things
You searched the world to find
But know nothing of
Through the sun,
Through the fire, and the rain
Nobody will ever hurt you,
Nobody will break your world in two
If you believe,
In love...
Surrender to Love...
Believe in Love...




Almost Threw It All Away Lyrics

I remember when you were just a girl
I was a boy in a big man's world
We had no idea what time would reveal
Little did we know that
Over a million tears had to fall
That is no exaggeration
'Cause I've counted them all
Every sad and senseless incident
Has been mine to recall

You never gave up, you never gave in
You didn't say no... I can't take anymore of this
You never gave up on me, you never gave in
You refused to believe that love had come to and end

I almost threw it all away
Traded truth for a lie, diamonds for clay
Oh I, almost threw it all away

Through some clever thinking and a strong imagination
I could twist the truth into any configuration
And find myself doing things
That I never dreamed I could do
I've know the kind of pain
Where you can't catch your breath
You say if this is life
Then please bring me death
Thank God that that wish I made never ever came true

You never gave up, you never gave in
You didn't say no... I can't take anymore of this
You never gave up on me, you never gave in
You refused to believe that love had come to an end

True love doesn't come and go
Here today then gone tomorrow
Doesn't speak the wicked word
That breaks the heart in two
Doesn't renegotiate
What it knows is true
Doesn't give up, give in, throw it all away

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Woe is Me! I Have Failed!

I became so entrenched in watching history in the making with my family yesterday that I did not even think to post something on my blog. My streak has ended. However, I still plan on blogging every day (except one now) for a year. I’ll have a post with more meat tomorrow!



Thursday, January 19, 2017

What Is Your Purpose?


Thai Commercial 2

I led a teen boy’s Bible study tonight. I have been talking about Jonah the past couple of weeks. Our pastor preached a fantastic sermon on Jonah and compared him to us. Tonight I talked about why God does things and how God wants to use us. I remembered the following video, looked it up, and played if for them.

I thought I would post it for you all to see as well. What is your purpose in life? Why has God created you? What goals has God given you? As you watch this, think about those things. Think about how you are conducting yourself everyday. If you are like me you often think only of yourself and not of others. I desire to show Christ in everything I do.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. I Corinthians 13:4-8

I don’t know if the man in the commercial is a Christian. It is a Thai commercial so chances are he may not be. However, he is demonstrating the actions and love of Christ more than many people that call themselves followers of Christ demonstrate.

My goal is to be more Christ like. to demonstrate God’s love like this man is doing. I want to bring God’s joy, happiness, love to people.

What about you? What is your goal in life?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

God Doesn’t Require Paperwork!

 Paperwork 2

This just hit me like a ton of bricks tonight - or maybe I should say God laid it on my heart tonight – as I was thinking about what to write.

Aren’t you glad that God doesn’t require paperwork?

I have spent hours upon hours the past two or three weeks getting together statements, signing documents, downloading, faxing, filling out, copying, calling on the phone, you name it – all to get paperwork done for our home purchase and for the foster care of our three fantastic foster sons.

I have had super full days the past two days and half of the time it was ministry and half of the time it was getting paperwork done.

As I was preparing to blog this evening I thought to myself that I am so glad that God doesn’t require paperwork.

He accepts us just as we are - with all of our faults, flaws and baggage. He loves us even though we aren’t lovable and we don’t deserve it.

He doesn’t require us to get our behavior score (credit score) up to a certain level.

He doesn’t require gifts as a down payment.

He doesn’t require proof of sacrifice as paperwork to show that we have everything together for this great thing that we are purchasing. In fact, we can’t purchase it at all!

We can’t act good enough. We can’t do enough or give enough. We can’t sacrifice enough. There is no way that we can get it all together enough.

God has never once sent out a letter or an email say “Congratulations! You qualify for Heaven!”.

Because, we don’t qualify. Only Jesus qualifies. He’s the only one that has it all together. He’s the only one that deserves it. He’s the only one that has earned it by living a perfect, sinless, life.

We can do nothing – nothing at all – to get to Heaven. We are doomed.

Doomed, that is, if we try to do it ourselves because we can’t.

There is no way we can get one of those perfect houses in that perfect place called “Heaven”. We are doomed to live in hell.

Jesus, however, didn’t want us to live on that side of the tracks. He wanted us to live on His side of the tracks. So, He paid the price so that we could get that house in Heaven.

He has the perfect behavior (credit) score.

He paid the ultimate down payment.

He made the sacrifice and filled out all of the paperwork for us.

And He did it so that we could have eternal life and live in that perfect house in that perfect place called Heaven.

He did it all for us as a gift and all we have to do is accept that free gift.

We can do nothing but accept it.

Have you accepted that free gift or are you still trying to get all of the paperwork together and get your behavior score up to par? You can’t do it if you are! There is no way you can get everything together. Jesus is the only one that has it all together.

A few months ago I posted a great video done by a friend of mine explaining how you can accept that free gift. If you haven’t accepted that free gift or aren’t sure if you have please watch this short video carefully. I pray that after watching the video you will accept the free gift of eternal life from Jesus. If you do, leave a comment or send me an email at

For by Grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. Ephesians 2:8, 9

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sometimes I Wonder . . .



Sometimes I wonder why I made such a foolish goal to myself that I would post something on my blog every day for a year. I really wanted to post something worthwhile every day and not something trivial such as the stuff that I have been posting the past few days. However, what are blogs for? They were originally started as kind of online diaries about life. In my case, life has been kind of hard lately. Not hard as in the “hard luck” sense, but hard as in just busy and a lot of things going on.

I’m telling you, buying a house is not for the weak of heart! There is a lot of stuff that goes into it these days. I feel like it is a never ending stream of getting together documents that the lender needs, filling out and/or signing paperwork and waiting. We have been approved but we are needing to fax stuff in. I told the lady today at the print place where I fax that I had spent so much money on faxing that I think I could have bought my own fax by now!

Anyway, as I mentioned, we have been approved and prayerfully will be closing on the house in the next couple of weeks. Then comes the moving. Ahhhh! I have moved way too much in the last couple of years and don’t relish the thought of doing it again. However, this time it will really be worth it! We will be homeowners and getting ready to take on three fantastic boys as foster parents.

And speaking of which . . . the foster parenting prep! It’s certainly not for the faint of heart either. The fact that I am an advocate for the boys and a support person for the family makes it even more interesting. Today I had to attend another meeting on the boys. The oldest, David, is ready to be dismissed and live with us whenever we get the house and have our home inspection.

Ugh! Too much going on! And that’s just the home buying and foster parenting! That’s not even just plain old life!

So, keep praying for us as we continue on this adventure that God has put us on. We value your prayers. A lot to do in the next few weeks.

I am working on a couple of good informational blog posts in the next couple of days so be ready!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Thank you for all of your prayers!


Thank you all for your prayers. I am feeling much better. I hate being sick. I ended up sleeping the whole day yesterday and most of the morning today. I was praying that it wouldn’t last long and it didn’t but it was miserable during the time I was ill.

Tomorrow is another day and now that I am back to normal I am ready to tackle blogging again. I have some exciting things to write about as well as finish my wonderful series that was supposed to be finished in one week not one month about my goals for this year.

At any rate. I’m exciting about things to come. See you tomorrow.



Sunday, January 15, 2017

I've Got the Crud!

Ugh! I've got "the sickness"! Jacob had it, then John Allen, now me. Thankfully it doesn't last long (at least it didn't with them), but Sundays are my super busy days. Not today. :-(