Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Story of The Rock!

Rock Collage
For the past four years we have been very blessed to be able to help out at a camp in Ontario, Canada for a week. I teach Bible and speak at the campfire one or two nights, Sarah works in the kitchen and helps me with Bible, Jacob attends camp with the help of John Allen, and Joshua helps the support staff when needed. We love the camp, Mill Stream Bible Camp and Conference Center, we love the staff, and we love the kids that attend. We also love Canada in general. The camp has graciously allowed us to stay on for a few days after our week of camp to allow us to do some tourist stuff.

One great place that we found the first year we were there was the Riverview Park and Zoo in Peterborough, Ontario. It is a fantastic little zoo with a huge playground and a splash pad and it is all completely free. We fell in love with it and have gone back every year since.

One part of the playground is the climbing rocks. They aren’t huge, but they are fun. The first year there I took a picture of the three boys in front of and on top of one of the rocks and we have continued to recreate the picture every year. We try to take the picture on the same rock every year, but, as you can see if you look closely, in 2014 we messed up and took it on the smaller rock. It really doesn’t matter, I think it is neat that we basically have the same picture every year.

I wanted to create a picture collage of all four years and share it on the blog. Prayerfully we will have another picture to have again next year.

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