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5 Days of Great Gift Ideas From the Crew–Day 4 - Movie Making Resources for your Budding Directors

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I am telling you, this has been a great year for the Schoolhouse Review Crew as far as reviewing things that encourage kids to be creative. In fact, we actually got to review two different things that taught kids how to make movies! Now, I’m not talking simple little youtube movies that you make with your phone, I’m talking real movies. However, although both products involved movie making, both are completely different. I know that your kids would absolutely love either one. Let me describe each one briefly to you and if you want more information you can go to their websites by clicking on the title or you can click on the link and read my full review.



Stopmotion Explosion – This was definitely one of our more fun reviews this past year. I had always been curious about how stopmotion films were made. You know, like the old Gumby programs or that animated “claymation” show called Davey and Goliath that was shown on Sunday mornings. I loved those but never thought that I could create something like that myself, much less my kids could create something. However, I did! And below is the outcome! Stopmotion Explosion is so easy to use. The short video below is just the tip of the iceberg. The kit comes with everything you need, even the camera! Your kids will absolutely love it, and they’ll be learning and being creative all along without them even realizing it. This is a wonderful product. Here’s a link to my full review if you are interested in more details.




Online Christian Filmmakers Academy – While Stopmotion Explosion is for all ages, I would say that the Online Christian Filmmakers Academy is more for high school ages on up – perhaps a middle school child could handle it as well. This is an actual online course with tests and everything. I wouldn’t say that it is very difficult, but there is a lot of information to be processed. They cover everything from the different cameras to scriptwriting to directing to acting to everything. It is excellent and very well done by a father and son team who have been teaching folks how to make quality movies for years. More and more people are getting into moviemaking and a lot of independent films are really making it big.  Making movies is just simply fun and the course teaches you how you can do it in an inexpensive way. Your budding film makers will love this. Click on the link to my review or you can just click on the title to go to the website.

I loved these two things that we reviewed this year. I had seen the Stopmotion Explosion kit a few years ago and really wanted it for myself so I was thrilled when we were selected to review it. It was a lot of fun as was the Online Christian Filmmakers Academy. I love that it gets kids out from in front of the computer or T.V. screen and instead of watching movies they are being creative and making movies. It also teaches good writing skills when you are creating the scripts. It is all so much fun that your kids won’t even know they are learning while using them. Check them out right away. Christmas is coming quickly!

To check out all of my posts in my 5 Days of Great Gift Ideas From the Crew, click on the banner below. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to find out about some fun miscellaneous but great gifts that don’t fit into any of the other categories. There are some good ones! Merry Christmas!

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