Friday, December 30, 2016

God’s Still Small Voice

Lucas (left) and Skiler (right)

Sarah chose to listen to it – God’s still small voice.

It was last week while Christmas shopping.

We have had the great pleasure of shopping for many folks this year who would otherwise not have had a very fun Christmas. Several of them were boys from the group home that two of our future foster sons, David and Skiler, are presently in.
One of the boys there, Lucas, hardly ever gets to see his family. He is really a good kid and, although Sarah has never met him, I have told her a lot about him. While shopping, Sarah passed some shelves of fleece blankets. One of them caught her eye and God immediately stopped her and told her that she was to buy that particular one for Lucas. As I mentioned before, she had never even met Lucas let alone knew what he liked and disliked but she felt strongly that she was to do that.

It was a blanket with a picture of a dog on it.

Although Sarah had the task of shopping for the boys at the home, I had the fun job of delivering the gifts to them on Christmas day. When I got to the gift for Lucas I told him the story of how God had told Sarah to buy that blanket just for him. He looked at me with a quizzical look but gladly took the bag and walked a few feet away.

I watched him as he was opening up his gifts. When he got to the blanket he opened it up and unraveled it to get a good look at what was on it. He got the strangest expression on his face and began to shake his head. He looked as if he was about to cry.

He walked over and told me that he used to have a dog exactly like that when he was younger. With a big smile on his face he wrapped it closely around himself and commented on how warm it was. It seemed as if all of the cares of life were falling away and he was remembering better days of time gone by.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make all of the difference to someone. Sometimes you just need to listen to God’s still small voice that is urging you to do something. Maybe it’s just to give a smile and a hello to someone that is passing by. Maybe it’s going over and having a chat with an elderly person who looks lonely. Maybe it’s to pay for someone’s meal who is behind you in the drive-thru. You never know what it might be or to whom it might be. Just remember to listen to God’s voice and obey. If you do, it will never fail to be a blessing to others.

And after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice. I Kings 19:12

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