Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas in the Country - A Small Town Tradition

I have lived in small towns most of my life. Small towns can be a blessing but, as most of we small town dwellers know, it can also have its downsides. Thankfully, though, those are few and far between and usually small towns are very much a blessing. Unfortunately in the economic situation that we live in today, many rural towns have become ghost towns. Stores become empty, businesses close, town squares become deserted. Thankfully, Livingston, Tennessee, the small town where we have lived for nearly 20 years now, has a thriving community and a busy downtown. We are very fortunate to have many unique and fascinating businesses on our square. Much of the success of the downtown has to be attributed to the great associations that our county and town have that put on special events. 

One of the big events that they organize is "Christmas in the Country", held on the first three Fridays after Thanksgiving. The stores stay open late. Merchants set up booths outside and serve free popcorn, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, peanuts, and a lot more delicious refreshments. The high school band plays Christmas music on the courthouse lawn. Santa Clause welcomes kids in the library. Streets are blocked off and farmers offer free horse drawn carriage rides. And, of course, everything is decorated beautifully. It's just all around great fun! 

Tonight I took my three sons and some of the boys that attend my teen boy Bible study and we ate, and shopped, and ate, and saw Santa, and ate, and walked around talking to friends and did I mention that we ate?

I had time to snap a few photos with my phone. They came out pretty good if I must say so myself! Enjoy a little piece of Livingston's Christmas in the Country!


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