Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Sickness is Among Us!


I know. I know. It’s kind of lame.

I really shouldn’t use a post like this to fill in a day just because I have given myself a “post a day for a year” challenge. But, the truth is that sometimes it is just plain hard to do a post a day – especially when there is a sickness among us!

I personally am not sick, but my youngest is and it has taken a toll out of both me and Sarah this evening so my brain is fried.

I really need to do one of those schedules where I have a theme a day so I know what to write. Or, I could do like some bloggers and spend one evening a week at a coffee shop or some other quite place and write all of their blogposts for a week in one night and schedule them to be posted throughout the week.

But . . . I’m just me. I don’t do either of those things. I just blog! So, I am stuck writing about not knowing what to write about because I am exhausted!

Thanks for reading my little rant.

Until tomorrow.


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