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5 Days of Great Gift Ideas From the Crew Day 1–Great Games Your Family Will Love!


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If your family is like my family then you really enjoy playing games. Many of the Tinkel Family favorites have been games that we have reviewed over the years with the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Most of them have been unusual and interesting games that are new or not widely known about. My family has had a blast playing these three games that we reviewed with the crew this past year. Check them out! I think they will be a hit with your family as well!


The Climbing Knights – We absolutely love this strategy game where you have to move your knight to the top of the tower. Be careful, though, there are guards that may catch you that you have to avoid. I can’t really say that you play on a game board because it is really a game “tower” that is enormous but easy to put together. It is recommended for kids ages 8 and up and can be played by 2-4 players. Here is a link to my review that tells you more great details about this really fun game.


Commissioned – Strategy games seem to be the big thing these days. If you like games such as Settlers of Catan and Seven Wonders then you will really enjoy this new game from Chara games. Chara games develops Christian based games that are fun to play for anyone even if they aren’t a person of faith. Instead of competing against each other, though, with Commissioned you have to work together to complete a scenario that takes place in the first century and has to do with the growth of the Christian church. This game is recommended for older kids, 14 years and up, and is for 2-6 players. However, I’m sure that players younger than 14 could play if they are used to playing strategy games. Click on this link to my review to find out more about this fun and unique game.


The Statue of Liberty FlipStir Puzzle – As I wrote in my review, FlipStir Puzzles are not your grandpa’s jigsaw puzzles. They are much more! These easy but challenging puzzles are portable and you have to use a little footed wand and gravity to arrange the 10 pieces in order to complete the puzzle. We absolutely love these vertical puzzles that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy. They are great to play in the car on a road trip or for when the kids need a time filler like waiting in the doctors office or something like that. Check out this link to my review and read about my FlipStir dilemma! Surprised smile 

We have had a lot of fun this year with these games that we were blessed with by being on the Schoolhouse Review Crew. I know that your family will have a great time as well with any of these unique games and puzzles.

Don’t forget to check in for the next four days to see more great gift ideas from fun things that the crew has reviewed this year. Click on the banner below to get to the main hub that will give a link to each day’s post as it is published. Tomorrow we are gong to talk about some fantastic Christian Books and Resource gift ideas that your family will love. Merry Christmas!

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