Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jesus Really is the Reason for the Season!



I love being able to tell people about Jesus and, believe or not, Christmas is a wonderful time to give the gospel and tell people about the good news of Jesus dying for our sins. Today I had the wonderful opportunity to tell about the saving grace of Jesus twice.

Almost every Sunday afternoon I go and visit two brothers who are in a boy’s group home. The brothers attended my teen boy’s Bible study before the state took them out of their home and they were placed in the group home. Several of the other boys at the home have really touched my heart. One in particular I recently have been praying for. For several reasons beyond he and his mother’s control, he hadn’t seen his mom in almost a year until a few weeks ago when his grandmother died and he went to the funeral. Finally, she is able to come and visit him more but it is still a sad situation. I have been wanting to tell the boy about Jesus for several weeks but had never gotten the chance until today. He sat down with us and I pulled out my pocket Evangecube and was able to tell him about Jesus. I wasn’t in a situation where I could really talk to him personally so I’m not sure if he trusted the Lord or not but I plan on following up on him next week.

This evening I had the great honor of telling the Christmas story to a group of kindergarten through forth graders. During the story I focused on the above verse and was able to give the gospel to them as well. I encouraged all of them to talk to one of the leaders if they weren’t sure they were going to Heaven.

Are you sure that you are going to Heaven? If you aren’t sure that you have ever trusted Jesus as your Savior please watch the video below.

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