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Beric The Briton - A Schoolhouse Review Crew Review

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions  Review

A few years ago I found out about a fantastic 19th century Christian historical novelist named G.A. Henty who wrote fantastic books about great historical events from the past. They are especially written for boys, but are read and enjoyed by men and women of all ages. I found one for John Allen and he immediately fell in love with Henty and his books. Little did I know that a few years later I would have the opportunity to review a great new audio series from Heirloom Audio Productions called The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty. As soon as we put it in our CD player and pressed play it was an immediate "WOW"! These audio adventures are fantastic. It is like sitting in a movie theater only you don't need to see it with you eyes, it is so well done that you can see it in your mind as you are listening. These are superior quality productions. We were on the first leg of a three week ministry/vacation trip when we listened to the first audio, "With Lee in Virginia" and we were so impressed that we ordered another one to be delivered to one of our stops so that we could listen to it on the way home. Last spring we added a third one to our collection.

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions  Review

So, imagine how thrilled we were when we found out that we were going to be able to review yet another audio adventure from the series, Beric The Briton. And, yes, it is every bit as good as the other three that we have. I mentioned before that these are quality productions. What makes them so good is that they feature award winning actors and actresses in their audio adventures. Beric The Briton has famous thespians such as Brian Blessed from Star Wars, Tarzan and King Lear; Brian Cox from The Bourne Identity and Braveheart; Tom Baker from Dr. Who; Honeysuckle Weeks from Foyle's War; Cathy Sara from Downton Abbey; and John Rhys-Davies from The Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones. These are award winning actors and, in my opinion, give award winning performances Beric The Briton as well. But, that's not all! This 2-CD/over two hour production also has a musical score that is written by an Emmy Award winning composer, John Campbell.

What I really enjoy about this series, though, outside of it being "wow" to listen to, is that it is historically accurate and always has a Christian theme. Beric the Briton is about a young man that ruled during the occupation of England by the Roman Empire. He leads his people against the mighty Roman forces and, along the way, learns about a man named Christ. I won't reveal all of the details, you'll have to listen to it yourself, but I can tell you that you will laugh, cry, cheer, be nervous, and experience all types of other emotions while listening. My kids are spellbound every time they listen to one of these adventures and that's something unusual. You see, two of my kids are on the autism spectrum and have ADHD. It's got to be something special to keep them spellbound for 2 and a half hours. These are truly that good.
Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions  Review

But that's not all! Depending on what you order you may get a study guide that enhances your study. The study guide has discussion questions to help you talk with your children about the Christian and historical aspects of the Beric the Briton audio adventure. You may also receive a download to the mp3 version so that you or your children can listen to them on their own., a poster, a special mp3 version of the soundtrack, and more.

We are super impressed once again with this series. This is probably the best CD audio book series that we have ever listened to. It is more than just an audio book, it is truly and audio adventure. To find out more about Beric the Briton and other audio CD's from Heirloom Audio Productions just click on any one of the highlighted links above. To find out what other Schoolhouse Review Crew members thought, just click on the banner below. Happy listening!

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions  Review
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