Thursday, March 19, 2015

What are the Tinkels Reading? - John Allen's Reading List

In the past, I've talked about our family's love for reading (How We Taught Our Boys to Read for Free - Part One, and Part Two) and I have been thinking for a long time about doing a regular series of posts about what each one of us is reading. You can find a hopefully regular list in my sidebar of what we are reading, when I can remember to update it that is, but I wanted to highlight each child and perhaps me and Sarah every so often in more detail.

We are so thankful that all of our children like to read. John Allen is an especially voracious reader. We are visiting Grandma during her spring break (she works at a school) and John Allen has practically begged me to go to the Mr. K's Used Books in Oak Ridge to buy the next book in one of the series that he is reading. Well, not only did he find the next book in one series, but he also managed to find another series by one of his favorite authors and decided to buy book one form that series. He announced to me after getting home that he was managing to read six different books at the same time. And, yes, since he couldn't narrow it down to bringing one book to Grandma's he packed every one of them. The above picture was taken just this evening with him in bed surrounded by books. 

Below is each book along with a brief description of each. If you click on the picture of each book it will take you to the Amazon page for each one. In all fairness I should tell you that the link is an affiliate link as I am an affiliate with Amazon and will make a small percentage of the sale if you should choose to by. All proceeds go to helping Sarah and I as missionaries at Good News Ministries. If you want to just go to Amazon or any other store yourself and buy then that is great as well. My goal is to get folks interested in good books.


Teen Study Bible NIV Version - John Allen just got done reading through the Bible in two months (John Allen's Amazing Christmas Gift) but reading your Bible should never end and it hasn't for him either. This is the Bible that he used during his two month reading challenge and he loved it. 

The Isle of Fire by Wayne Thomas Batson - A couple of months ago on another adventure to Mr. K's he found the first book in this trilogy (The Isle of Swords) but they didn't have the second book. We were about to order it through Amazon when we found it this evening. It is written by a Christian author and is a pirate adventure.


The Skin Map by Stephen R. Lawhead - I was on still another trip to Mr. K's by myself a few weeks ago (I wish they had an affiliate program) and was looking for The Isle of Fire to no avail when I happened to see this book. I recalled reading a couple of books by Stephen R. Lawhead in my younger day so I snatched it up for John Allen. I haven't read it myself, but by what John Allen has said, it is sort of a fantasy genre book. I'm very glad that he ended up finally finding time to start it and loves it.

Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic - About a year ago I was looking for something to read while we were traveling and happened to find a tiny book by Nick Vujicic, an amazing man that was born with virtually no arms and feet but leads a very normal life. His story is very inspiring. The small book was actually an excerpt from his larger book Life Without Limits. John Allen happened to pick up and read the smaller book and asked for the larger book. That began his great interest in Nick Vujicic. He has watched youtube videos of him and has devoured everything that we have bought by him. And, believe me, we don't mind. You really couldn't find a better role model than Nick Vujicic. This is the second book that Nick wrote.
Limitless by Nick Vujicic - Limitless is the devotional book that was taken from Life Without Limits and Unstoppable. So, John Allen is getting a double dose of Nick.

In the Hall of the Dragon King by Stephen R. Lawhead - I happened to find one of my old Stephen R. Lawhead books when we were packing up and moving and saved it for John Allen to read. Unfortunately, it was the third one in a series. Tonight we found the first one and he is thrilled with it already.

Revolution Devotional - After reading through the Bible in two months, John Allen wanted to make sure he continued being in God Word every day. We found this devotional for him that he really enjoys.
Well, that's it. That is what John Allen is reading right now. Boy, I think that is enough. My head was spinning just typing this all out. I don't know how he keeps them all sorted out in his mind. Remember, to find out more about any of the books, just click on the picture and it will take you to the Amazon sight. Happy Reading!


  1. Great reading list! I love the Isle of Swords and Isle of Fire books myself - I bought the first one based on its cover art, LOVED it, and then realized it was YA fiction. LOL I'm also a big fan of Stephen Lawhead and have reviewed his Skin Map books on my book blog ( I haven't read his Dragon King series though - it's on my list!

  2. Now you have me interested in the "Isle" series, Kym. And, I did read the first few pages of The Skin Map and really thought it was interesting. Ugh! More books for my reading list. Thanks a lot! :-)