Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I'm Not Sick Yet - But if You Don't Read this Post I Might Be!

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I have always been prone to motion sickness. Be it in a car or on a carnival ride, I have to be very careful. I remember one time at a carnival when I was younger that a friend of mine and I decided to ride the Ferris Wheel. Being that there was no one in line waiting for the ride, the operator allowed us to stay on longer than usually. However, after all of the carnival food that I had eaten, the round and round motion of the wheel began to make me sick. Every time we would pass the poor operator I kept yelling "Let me off! Let me off!". Finally, before an unfortunate accident happened, he allowed me to disembark but let my friend stay on.

There are some carnivals that I can go to that don't make me sick, though. From time to time you have seen where I have joined what is called a "link-up" or "blog carnival". Simply put, they are when a particular blogger allows you to link up one of your blog posts in one place. They usually have a theme and only want you to add one of your posts that has something to do with that theme. They are a way for me to see other blogs that blog about the same things that I do, and for my blog to get noticed by others.

Well, I've joined another one. It's the "Tell It To Me Tuesdays" link-up from the F. Dean Hackett - Foundational blog.

I've joined their link-up before and it is an excellent one.
So, why do I announce it here. For one, there are some excellent blog posts that are linked up to Tell It To Me Tuesdays and they are worth your time to go and visit. Also, I would want the other bloggers to announce it on their blog and then, hopefully, have some of their readers perhaps click on my link to read my post and become introduced to my blog. Remember, all of the bloggers who post a link on these link-ups are just trying to share their posts and their blogs to others and expand their readership. Week in and week out they write posts that they would like people to read. So, when I post that I have joined a link-up or a carnival, please go over and visit and click on a few of the links. I'm sure that the other bloggers would appreciate it greatly. You can find this week's edition of Tell It To Me Tuesdays by clicking here or on the highlighted link above.
Having said that, I plan on announcing my involvement in these link-ups and carnivals in a more creative way from here on out. I plan on joining a lot of them, perhaps everyday or at least several times a week, and I know that posting a separate post about them every time would get tedious for me and for you. So, I am going to start putting a badge from each link-up or carnival in a special section in my sidebar for you all to see, then perhaps once a week writing a post similar to this one telling you all of the ones that I linked to that week.
For now, though, hop on over to the F. Dean Hackett - Foundational blog and check out this weeks link-up. Happy reading!

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