Monday, March 16, 2015

I'm Training to Run a 5K! Well, at Least I Think I Am!

Please tell me I'm not crazy!

Oh, I used to run and loved running. I was never any good at it. I ran track in high school and lost every race I was in. My career lasted two years. My team mates begged me not to try out my junior year. I was heartbroken. But I'm not bitter!

I was a much better bicycler. I actually kept at it for almost a decade and went on four bike tours. I loved bicycling and dream of fixing up the old bike again and going on another tour.

Alas, my running and cycling days are in the past, though. Last year before winter set in I was walking a couple of miles every day, but that was nothing like running or cycling.

I've been wanting and thinking about doing something more to get into shape for a long time. Yesterday I was blog hopping when I found the blog series "Training for a 5K" written by The Unprepared Father. I read his preparation post. And thought about it. Then I read his week one training post. And thought about it some more. I didn't venture to week two training. The week one training looks daunting enough. For that matter, the preparation week looks pretty tiring. I'm already sore and (as of writing this) I haven't even been out on my first walk - yes, I said walk - yet. That's what he recommends for beginners for the prep week. Just a 20 minute walk at least every other day.

Okay! That doesn't sound too bad - just walking 20 minutes a day. Now to get up and get moving! Who wants to join me? Let's encourage one another. Hey, I'm going to need all of the encouraging I can get! Leave a comment if you are in.

Then, later this week, I'm going to go looking up my old running clothes from the 70's. I'm sure I can find those old gym shorts and gym shirt someplace. I know my neon orange sweat band is in storage somewhere. My black, old geezer walking shoes should work. I'll be all decked out and ready to go.


Hmmm. . .well, maybe not. . .I may have to do some shopping as well. Pictures, I'm sure, will be forthcoming. Happy running. . .jogging. . .walking. . .limping!

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