Saturday, March 28, 2015

Photo Saturday - Ministry

Today was a busy but very blessed day. It was a day full of ministry, which I always enjoy. It began this morning with Sarah, Joshua and I going to pick up some bread that had been donated to us. We sorted it, loaded it in our van, unloaded it at our house, bagged it up, loaded it back into our van, then hand delivered the bags to the folks in our neighborhood and to the public housing area where we minister.

This was the first time delivering bread on the street where we now live and it was a joy getting to know some our new neighbors. It was also a joy to continue ministering to the folks that we have ministered to for nearly 15 years now and plan on ministering to for as long as the Lord allows.

Please continue to pray for our ministry. There has been a season of change, but we are excited about what God is doing with Good News Ministries and what He has planned for its future. Please enjoy the pictures. More will be coming soon.

Sorted and ready to bag.

Sarah and Lois bagging loose rolls.

The van is loaded down.

Blessing others and others blessing us in return!

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