Sunday, January 8, 2017

Five Days of Goal Setting–Day 3 Learning/Educational Goals

Learning goals 2
We are big on learning around here. Now, when I say learning, I’m not necessarily meaning formal educational stuff although it could mean that. What I am talking about is just being inquisitive and learning. Kind of like “delight driven” learning. Don’t get me wrong. We do have formal homeschool, but this is extra stuff. Joshua is the best at this for obvious reasons. That is the trait of a lot of kids on the autism spectrum. Something will catch their interest and they will want to know all that they can about that particular thing or subject. Over the years Joshua’s has been bowling, helicopters, trains, Thomas the Train, football, WWE (yes I’m talking the wrestling WWE), flags, and countries. During all of these learning phases it was almost like he became a “little genius” in all of that particular area. All of the family is the same but perhaps not on such a large scale.

But I digress. I am supposed to be talking about MY learning goals for this year. I am kind of like Joshua, I get really interested in some things and learn a lot about them and then my interest changes. The following goals, however, are some general goals include things that I know I want to do or learn about.
  1. Read more consistently. I am a big reader, but I go in splurges. I will read four or five books and then stop for a while. I want to be a bit more consistent in my reading. Perhaps make a goal of reading a book every two weeks for this year since I am not the quickest reader on the blog either. And these are personal books. I don’t want to count books that I am reading to my kids.
  2. Learn more about healthy living such as essential oils, home remedies, herbs and healthy eating. This is an area that I think will really help our entire family. I am presently doing a short online study on essential oils and it is fascinating. I can’t wait to learn more.
  3. Continuing to learn Spanish. I have delved into it a lot. I squeezed two years of Spanish into three years when I was in high school and really enjoyed it but have lost a lot of it. I want to do better. I need to keep my brain active in that area.
  4. Take a course on helping troubled teens. I have a course in mind. I almost enrolled in a masters degree program but I’m not sure I am ready for that. Since we have been working heavily with troubled teens the past couple of years, God has really given me a heart of them. I want to learn more so that I can do more.
  5. I wrote about this in my Spiritual goals on the first day of this series, but I think that it should be included here. I want to read my Bible thru at least one and a half times if not twice this year. I am on par to do that. I pray that I can continue.
As I mentioned before, I know that there will be more things that I will delve into as the year goes by, but these things are things that I really want to do for myself, my family and my ministry this year.

So, how about you? What are your learning goals for 2017? Please share them with me in the comment section below. If you want to go back and read the other days in this series just click on the banner below and it will take you to my introductory post where you will find links to all five days.

Happy Goal Setting!

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  1. I think these are great goals! I should add the one about essential oils to my list, as well. I want to know more but don't really know where to begin. Good luck with all of your goals! - Lori

  2. Good goals... not sure if I have learning goals... I do want to keep learning with my lad though.. so much interesting stuff to delve into. :)