Thursday, January 5, 2017

Five Days of Goal Setting-Day 2-Health Goals

Essential Oils 2

Here it is folks! Finally Day 2 of my supposed to be five day series that is turning out to be 7 days because I missed a couple of days.

But, enough of that!

I determined a few weeks ago that I was not eating right and was not feeling well at all. I was drinking far too many sodas and eating too much fast food. At the same time I realized that our kids were not eating right either. Something had to change. I know that we are busy and live in a small apartment with a small kitchen that is not conducive to cooking, but it had to change. Thankfully we are going to be moving into a house with a much bigger kitchen soon so that will solve that problem, but I didn’t want to wait another month to begin getting my health back to where it should be so I began making a few goals for myself.

Eating goals:

  1. Drink more water! Get off of the sodas and drink more water! So I am. I haven’t had a soda for a couple of weeks now except for one cherry limeade because I had a bit of an upset stomach one day. I drink one or two cups of coffee in the morning then the rest is water. I have had maybe two sweet teas lately as well but that is it. I try not to have anything but water. And, I’m noticing a difference!
  2. Cut way down on the fast food. We are running around like chickens with our heads cut off because of the new house situation. Every day it seems like we have more things to do and more paperwork to get in. However, instead of getting fast food, I am eating more salads.
  3. I am also trying to cook more at home. I have enrolled in a healthy eating website where you schedule your meals. They have a ton of recipes that you can schedule and then they will automatically make out a shopping list of all of the ingredients that you are going to need that week. We’ve used it a couple of times and really like it. It will definitely get used a lot when we are in the new house.
  4. Another future goal is to begin juicing and making smoothies again. We used to do that and it was great.

Other goals:

  1. I am also taking an online course on using essential oils. We have always been interested in that with my kids, but have never really delved into it. I bought an “online bundle” of healthy living e-books, online courses, videos, suggestions, etc. that was on sale and it is amazing. One of the things was this online course for free so I am taking it. They also had a lot of coupons and free things that we could order so I have been ordering some essential oil natural remedy things for the family. Hopefully all of this will really help the whole family.
  2. We bought a total gym several years ago and used to use it but our present apartment is so small that we haven’t been able to use it. Exercising is going to be a big thing when we move. I need to get more active.
  3. Walking also used to be a big thing for me and Jojo. Since we stopped walking as much we have both gotten a bit hefty! We are going to be living at the top of a hill and walking down the hill and back is going to be a daily walking chore for us both!
  4. Using more natural stuff is also a goal. I am not necessarily a big environmental person that sees the need to go all green, but I do see the need to use less chemicals and more natural things. We have used natural soaps and homemade laundry detergent for years and loved it. I would like to do that in a lot of other areas.
  5. Finally, I would like to check into more herbs and natural remedies to use along with our essential oils. I am not a non-medication person but, as I said in number 4, I do think we should be using more natural things when we can.

So, there you have it. My healthy living goals for 2017.

What are your health goals. Please share with us!

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  1. Oh - water. I need to add that. I don't drink much soda but I do enjoy my hot tea in the morning and iced tea the rest of the day. I need to add more water. Thanks for the reminder! - Lori

  2. Water is a good thing to's so good for us to do that.

  3. I've found that in the weeks that I have been drinking more water I haven't been so tired in the afternoon. I am feeling much more energetic. Thanks for your comments Lori and Annette!