Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ministry, Ministry, Ministry!



What do you do when you hear about individuals who were visited by APS (Adult Protective Services) and two other individuals who had DCS (Department of Children’s Services) called about them all in one day? And, you minister to all of the people in one way or another.

Well, first you listen, then you pray. You pray on your own. You pray with the individuals. You go home and pray more with your wife.

That is what my day has been like today. Along with meeting with our realtor this morning; getting called by my elderly neighbor to run an errand for them this afternoon; washing clothes and trying to fix a dryer; and having an adult Bible study with seven adults and teens, six dogs, and two cats in a trailer at the trailer park.

Then, I have to get up early in the morning to go to court regarding the three boys that we are prayerfully going to be fostering as well as being in court a second time to support a teen boy who goes to my Bible study.

Needless to say, my day has been interesting. I usually do my best thinking and blog writing in the evening and night. I often stay up way past midnight writing. However, the second installment of my five day series on goal setting just isn’t going to work out tonight. Oh, I can write something like this where I am just recounting my day, but to write something serious that takes a lot of thought just ain’t happening!

Prayerfully it will happen tomorrow. Until then, please be in prayer about all of the situations I mentioned above. Thank you so much!

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