Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ugh! When it rains it pours!

Many of you know that my boys are competitive shooters. John Allen was the best shooter at the Jaycee BB Gun State Match last year and both John Allen and Joshua went to the national competition in Rogers, AR. last summer. This year John Allen is shooting air rifle and Joshua is still shooting competition BB guns.

Anyway, the team practices every Saturday morning but we usually go one or two times a week extra to shoot (one of the advantages of being a homeschooler Cheesy). Well, yesterday on the way home from practice we hit a rut on a back road and, sure enough, got a flat tire. When I pulled over to change it, I couldn't get the spare tire to come down from underneath the van. I called a good friend of ours that owns a Goodyear tire place and he made a "house call" but, even he couldn't get the tire to come down. So, he jacked up the van, took the tire to his garage and was going to send one of his guys out to put the tire back on. In the meantime, Sarah and I were supposed to have our taxes done by another friend at her office. Sarah ended up walking down to her office (about a mile) as I called another friend to come and pick up the boys and I and then go to the tax place so I could sign the papers and we could pick up Sarah. Thank you, Lord, for good friends! Well, the rim of the tire was bent, so they couldn't fix the tire. They took the tire back to the van and left it there because I had locked the doors with all of the lug nuts inside. Back out to the car we went (thanks again to our good friend), put the tire back on, waited 45 min. for the AAA tow truck (which we found lived right down the road Sad) and then followed the tow truck to our friend's Goodyear place and left it there until probably Tuesday. We are without a spare car right now so we are sitting at home, thanking God for groceries and a grocery store within walking distance if need be. Church is also within walking distance if it's not raining.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. I was looking at our spring schedule and trying to work out mission's conferences, shooting matches, homeschool conventions, etc. while Sarah researched good used cars to spend our income tax return money on, when I noticed this:

April 20-22 - BCM Southeast Missionary Retreat - the one that we really need to go to because our "boss" will be there.
April 19-21 - Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. - our favorite and the one we go to every year.
April 21 - Tennessee State JAYCEE BB Gun Championships - the one that we work all shooting season on and the one that qualifies us to go to Nationals.

As you can see we can't be in three places at once. However, we think we have made a plan. A missionary friend of ours lives in Toccoa, GA., the "Teach them Diligently" homeschool conference is about two hours away from her in Spartanburg, SC, and our missionary "boss" and his wife (I say that tongue in cheek because, although he is our boss, they are very good friends of ours) live in Alabama, about three hours away from Toccoa. So, it looks like we will be making a trip to visit our friend, go to the conference, and, hopefully, meet our boss and his wife for a day. And, we won't be missing any major shooting events!

Isn't life fun sometimes?!? Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

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