Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Big Answer!

So, what was that picture from the other day about? You know, this one right here:

It's a new church that our former pastor is starting. Well, I can't say that he is our former pastor, he's really still our pastor because we are helping him start it. No, we haven't left our ministry at Good News Mission. We are still here. It's just that our pastor felt led to start a non-denominational, less traditional, church in our area and we chose to help in any way needed. So, we are presently meeting in a youth ministry building that the Methodist church owns. This youth ministry building has a large game room and a large auditorium with a stage and sound and music equipment. So, this former Baptist pastor is starting a non-denominational church in a building from a ministry started by Methodists. This is truly an interesting new venture. Anyway, this new church is called "The Bridge Community Church" and our first Sunday we had over 70 folks that attended! Please pray for this new ministry and for those involved. Thanks ahead of time.

Oh, and by the way, I'm really not that bald. It's just the way the light is shining! 

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