Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goal Setting Monday - Week 4


Boy has this been a hard past couple of weeks, and boy am I glad that there are five Mondays in this month. Of course, if I don't get this done tonight then it will be posted in the month of February instead of January, so I'd better get typing.

So, how am I doing with keeping my goal? Well, it's been so-so. My healthy eating goals have been doing great. We all have been drinking a lot of healthy smoothies, and I have been juicing and drinking a lot of water. I've kept my goal of only one cup of coffee a day, and have only drank one glass of soda when I had an upset stomach, and one glass of sweet tea. We all have been trying to eat healthier food. So, my healthy eating has been great.

My spiritual goals have continued to be half and half. I have continued to read "The Love Dare", but not been as faithful in my New Testament in 30 days. I continue to pray for my family, but not necessarily at a set devoted time every day. One bright spot is that we have started to plan for our summer ministries.

My personal and family goals have also been lacking. I have begun to plan for a vacation this year, and I do spend at least 15 min. a day talking with my wife. Spending 15 min. a day with each of my children hasn't always happened. Some days it's maybe one or two of my sons and other days it's all three, but it's been hit and miss. Family devotions have been nil.

Well, next month is another month and the monthly commitment for each of these things isn't over. Remember, even though I am setting goals weekly, they are for four different areas of my life. For each area I write goals that last a month. So, some areas I still have two or three weeks left to accomplish my goals.

This week's goals are my "home improvement inside and outside" goals. Remember I said that this is kind of like my honey-do list and I wasn't kidding. There is a lot of doing for this honey to do. Let's start setting some goals.

  1. Begin to organize the kitchen. Although you would think that the kitchen is the woman's area of the house, it's also my area. I'm the one that does the juicing, smoothie making, and do part of the cooking. I'm at least half responsible for the kitchen and I can do my part by beginning to organize it to make it more functional. But, let me be specific as to what I need to do. I'll divide it in to four weekly goals.

    1. Clean off all counter tops and put things where they should go. A minimum of stuff should be on the counter tops. Clean countertops and appliances thoroughly.

    2. Organize cabinets. They have gotten to be a mess again! They need to be cleaned out, stuff sorted and thrown away, and stuff organized so that it is more convenient.

    3. Clean out junk corner. There is one corner of our kitchen that desperately needs to be cleaned out. It has become a junk corner. Part of that cleaning out needs to be to haul our old broken down mini-freezer to the recycling place.

    4. Clean what's left. The above three things should help a lot, but there are still nooks and crannies that will still need to be cleaned and washed down. I'm thinking of our backers rack for one. All things need to be taken off of it and it needs to be cleaned well.

  2. Haul of other appliances as well as the mini-freezer listed above. We have a washer and dryer downstairs that needs to be taken away and a dish washer that is sitting on our front porch, yes I said front porch!

  3. Clean off the rest of the front porch after I get the old dish washer hauled.

  4. Pull up the rest of the carpet in the living room. A couple of months ago we pulled up all of the carpeting in our house. Unfortunately I couldn't (or really it's "I didn't" pull up the carpeting under the piano and large desk in our living room. It needs to be done.

Well, that's all for this month. That's really enough, don't you think?! Now, I'm off to link my post up with the meme Goal Planning Monday on my friend's blog - Mama Manuscripts. Just click here to check it out! Until next week - Happy Goal Setting!

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  1. I love your goal of spending at least 15 minutes each day talking with your wife and each of your kids. :-D Your kitchen to-do list sounds a LOT like mine!

  2. Good thing you are a guy... having to move all those appliances and pull up carpeting! Those are not my kind of goals. I, like Kympossible, love the talk to your wife, and kids goal. My family likes smoothies too. Sounds like you are doing great with your goals. Keep up the good work and God Bless you and your family.