Friday, January 13, 2012

A Blast From the Past

My family is full of stories. My siblings and I met a very interesting life, as did my parents and their parents before them.  My brother, sister and I always said that we were going to give my mom and dad a tape recorder to record all of the stories of these to tell us.  Unfortunately that never happened. My parents are both gone now and, since my brother is also gone, it is now up to my sister and I record all of the stories  that my parents used to tell. I want my children  to know about the rich and interesting past that their ancestors had. Earlier today I was recalling a story from my childhood, and it dawned on me that I could use my blog to start recording some of the stories that I remember. So,  here's the first one.

My father was a minister and because of that we had to move around quite a bit. Fortunately for me,, we moved back to my moms old homestead to live with my grandfather was aging and  needed someone to take care of him. We lived there until I graduated from high school. Not so fortunate or my brother and sister  were both older than me. They both moved around quite a bit during their younger days. 

One of the many places we lived before moving in with Grandpa,  was a children's home. The Preble County children's home near Eaton, Ohio. No, we worked wards of the home, my parents for the superintendents. I was a toddler at the time, not even in kindergarten and it was heaven for me.. I had lots of boys and girls to play with. I remember one time when one of the older  teenage girls decided to run away with her boyfriend. Finally, after a few days, they caught up with her. When asked if you wanted to take her back, my father said, " Of course.". There wasn't any place else for her to go so my parents naturally took her back..  Unbeknownst to my mother,. the girl decided to bring some little friends back with her. LICE!

So, my mom set out to find all of the lice treatment shampoo that she could find in order to treat all of the kids and the children's home. Well, there weren't any Walmarts back then, so mom had to go to several drugstores, just to get enough medicine for everyone that she had to treat. She ended up getting two different kinds of shampoo. One shampoo  you were to leave on for 15 min.  and then wash out.  The other shampoo, you were supposed to leave on all night and then wash it out in the morning. Well, after a busy day of washing all of the kids hair, she decided to wash my hair as well.  After all, I played with all of the kids.  Since it was late, she decided to treat my head with the overnight shampoo.

All night long . I squirmed and hollered out in bed. Something was wrong.  My head didn't feel right. Finally, after couple of sleepless hours visit my yelling, mom came to see what was the matter. Finally, after looking at my head,  she gasped in horror. She had put on my head the wrong shampoo.  She had accidentally put the 15 min medicine on my head and left it on overnight.. My scalp was red as a beet. She had nearly burnt the skin off.

Yes, living at the children's home was an interesting experience.  I could tell you stories, and someday will, about eating the dog food,  or getting lost in the corn fields while following the puppies. But, those are stories for another time..

How about you? Do you have any fun stories from your childhood that you would like to share? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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