Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What Do Missionaries Really Do? - By Lois Lass - A Guest Blogger

Lois Lass

We have a guest blogger today! And the funny thing is, she doesn't even know that she is a guest blogger. Recently a good friend of ours and fellow BCM (Bible Centered Ministries) missionary, Lois Lass, spent several days with us and then posted on Facebook about here stay. I enjoyed and appreciated her post so much that I decided to share it with you all. It helps when someone else describes your ministry and I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks Lois!

This past week I spent several days helping Tim Tinkel and Sarah Tinkel at the Good News Mission in Livingston. TN. Exactly what does a missionary do? It really depends on what type of ministry you're involved in. Let me just share some things we did. Thursday evening we began planning summer Day Camps. This year will be more of a challenge because we don't have a building to meet in but with God's provision through a fellow missionary family we have a classroom bus to meet in. Friday evening we had fellowship in the Tinkel's home with several people involved with the mission. Saturday was bagging up bread and delivering it(no small task). We were able to talk and pray with several people during this time. Sunday was Junior Church and Sunday afternoon meeting at the Tinkel's home. It was a busy few days but we were so blessed! Enjoy the pictures.













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