Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fried Chicken Has Blinded My Eyes to Baby Back Ribs!


I know that I am a softy but there are some things that get to me more than others. One of those real "gotcha" times happened a couple of weeks ago when I had the privilege of attending a concert by a group of kids called the Ugandan Thunder African Children's Choir. This fantastic group is made up of 22 Ugandan youth ages 8-16 chosen to represent the thousands of children that live in orphanages sponsored by the organization Pennies for Posho. Pennies for Posho began in 2007 when Sunday school classes began collecting pennies to pay for posho to feed the orphans in Uganda. Posho is a food that is similar to grits but has the consistency of thick, lumpy mashed potatoes. Now Pennies for Posho has a sponsorship program that for $9 a month you can feed a child. The Ugandan Thunder African Children's Choir travels the United States for 10 months out of the year to make people more aware of the needs of the orphanages and their sponsorship program. Each year a different group of children are chosen and these kids are the real thing. Their testimonies are touching. All have been orphaned or abandoned by their parents but their joy in the Lord is real.
One of the little girls recently had baby back ribs for the first time. Meat of any kind is a real treat for these kids as the only meat that they usually get is a piece of chicken at Christmas and Easter. The kids think that chicken is a delicacy which for them it actually is. Imagine the joy of this one little girl on tour with Ugandan Thunder when she was treated to baby back ribs recently. She ran up to the "mother" of the group that travels with them and announced that "Fried chicken has blinded my eyes to baby back ribs"!
Below is a video taken by a friend of mine of one of the songs that was sung at the concert that I was able to attend. If Ugandan Thunder happens be in concert close to where you live I would highly encourage you to attend. My boys loved it and it really is a life changing experience. We even got to meet and talk with some of the kids. For concert locations and more information about Pennies for Posho and the Ugandan Thunder African Children's Choir click here or on any of the highlighted links above.

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Posted by Ann Adams on Sunday, March 29, 2015

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