Monday, April 6, 2015

What Are the Tinkel's Reading? Joshua's Reading List.

My post from a few weeks ago highlighting the many books that John Allen was reading seemed to be very popular. A lot of people were interested in what he was reading so it seemed logical to continue on with the series and write about the other members of the family. I could easily write about me or Sarah, but what would I say about Joshua. He does read, and he reads a lot, but I thought that the things he reads might be a bit boring. Boy did I find out I was wrong when he gave me his list.

Joshua is probably the most unusual member of our household and possibly the most interesting. I have written about our journey with Joshua and his autism before, most recently just a few day ago in my post Sarah and I are Blue Today! on autism awareness day. There are a lot of things that Joshua is weak in, but there are also a lot of things that Joshua is super smart almost genius in. In fact, some people call kids with Asperger's syndrome (what Joshua has) "little geniuses" because once they become fascinated with a topic, they learn all that they can about it and actually become experts on that topic. 

His interest for the past few years has been Geography and Languages, and he is presently taking an above grade level course on Imperial Russia and also studying Russian. Naturally most of his selections are of a geography nature. One non-geography book that he picked made my heart feel good when he mentioned it though. Why, I don't know, but I wasn't even thinking of it when I asked Joshua to give me a list of what he was reading. When he did, however, Bible was at the top of the list. Thank you Lord!

So, without further ado, here is Joshua's Reading List.

The Bible - I copied and pasted the picture above of the version that John Allen finished reading a couple of months ago, but any Bible is fine. JUST READ IT. I had asked Joshua for his list before writing this post, and he is in bed right now so I can't ask him if there is a particular version that he likes I'll let you know what he says later.
Expedition Earth - This is by far, hands down, Joshua's favorite book and has been for a super long time. He has looked through, read, perused, reread and reread again until the book is worn out. Unfortunately, I was just Facebook chatting with the author a couple of weeks ago (yes, we are friends with the author, a fact that Joshua thinks is super cool) and she said that for right now the company is only selling it in ebook format and not hard copy form. They are supposed to be reprinting it in the near future so hopefully our copy won't fall completely apart before then. Click on the picture above to find out more about this favorite.
Geography - The Middle East, North Africa & Europe - is actually a curriculum more than a book, but Joshua loves reading the student text book. I actually wrote a review of the curriculum a couple of years ago that you can read by clicking here. It gives a lot of interesting facts about the different countries but also includes fascinating little known tidbits about each country as well. Click on the picture above to get to the Memoria Press website page for this book. The student text is available to buy separately if you are interested.


Russia (Cultures of the World) - The above picture does not do the book justice. Our copy is completely different and much more colorful. The pictures inside are beautiful and the information is fascinating. Whatever the case is, Joshua loves learning about Russia and he loves this book. It is part of a series of books written about different countries, so you might find one for your child's favorite country. I'm sure it will be just as beautiful and informative.


Land of the Firebird, The Beauty of Old Russia - We are ordering this book so we don't actually have it yet, but it is part of the advanced Imperial Russia class that Joshua and I are taking together and we are both chomping at the bit to receive and read it. We don't have to have the book to take the course, but the teacher, Professor Carol, has highly recommended it. And, yes, we have become Facebook friends with Professor Carol and Joshua has chatted with her as well. If you are interested in the Imperial Russia course, just click here. If you are interested in the book, just click on the picture above.
So, there you have Joshua's reading list for right now! If you are a geography enthusiast like he is then this should give you a lot of reading material. Have fun and happy reading!
I should let you know that if you click on the Bible, Russia, or Land of the Firebird picture links then they contain my affiliate information and if you should purchase one of those books then I will be paid a commission as an affiliate through Amazon. I am also an affiliate with and if you click on the Imperial Russia course link and purchase something from that site I will be paid a commission by them. If you choose to purchase using my affiliate links I want to thank you ahead of time. If you choose to purchase through another source then that if great as well. My interest is mainly to get my readers interested in good books.


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