Monday, April 13, 2015

I Did It! I Really Did It! Now, Please Like Me!

shocked photo:  Faint.gif 

Well, not me personally. Not that I don't want you to like me personally mind you. I do want you to like me but. . . oh, never mind!

What I do want you to like are all of my social media pages. A good friend of mine Marcy Crabtree, posted about how to add your social media "like" buttons to the top of your blog so that people notice them better. Well, I tried it and it worked! Wow! I couldn't believe it! All of my social media buttons lined up in a nice row at the top of my page for everyone to click on.

Now, why would I put forth so much effort to make sure people like my social media pages? Well, I really want to build my blog readership. I want people to come to my blog to find out more about God, my family, my ministry, homeschooling, the great homeschool products I am going to soon begin blogging about, and anything else that catches their eye. I want people to come and grow as Christians when they read my blog. I want to strengthen families. I want to help folks in their homeschool. I just want people to read my blog!

To do that, I have to spread the word and a good way to spread the word is through social media. The more people like my different pages, the more people will learn about Families Again. I also hope that you like reading my posts and want to be notified when I post something new. I usually notify everyone on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ when I publish a post, and I eventually put all of my posts on Pinterest as well. Instagram is another story. I am still getting used to that one but you can befriend me on their and laugh with me as I get used to it!

At any rate, the buttons are located on the top right underneath my banner. Please click on them and spread the word. Thanks ahead of time!


  1. Welcome back Tim! Off to click on all of your buttons!

  2. A link to Marcy's blog post would have been helpful. Then I could organize my buttons as well. I tried to find the post she did... but was unsuccessful. I hope you will share it so I can do it too.

  3. Ugh! I never thought of that Debbie. She actually posted on a private forum that we both members of. I just wrote her and she gave me permission to blog about it so check back in the next day or so.