Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What's On My Bedside Table? My Summer Reading List!

Actually you don't really want to know what's on my bedside table. It is a mess. However, if I were like many of my friends, all the mess would be gone and there would be a stack of books that I have as my goal to read this summer. Oh, the stack of books is there, it's just that there is some added junk along with the stack. Anyway, let's skip that part and just get on with the list of books.

As you can see, since there are 13 books listed, I don't believe in bad luck. You can also see that there is a diverse type of books that I am reading as well. Some are biographical or autobiographical, some are Christian, some are motivational, some are just good old fashion fiction, a couple I've read before, others I began a long time ago but had to put down for one reason or another and, still others, I have never read. I'll explain a little about why I want to read each book underneath the pictures.

Remember, though, that if you click on the picture it leads to my Amazon affiliate page for that particular book. If you should choose to purchase anything at that time, I will get a small percentage of the proceeds. Again, thank you ahead of time if you should choose to purchase under my affiliate. Every little bit really does help. If you should choose not to purchase through my affiliate, you may exit out of Amazon and, when you go back to the Amazon site, my affiliate link won't be there anymore.
I don't think it's any secret what my political affiliation is. I am a republican, however, I have been known to vote otherwise from time to time. At any rate, with the crowded republican field this presidential go around, I really have no idea who I might vote for. Although I may or may not vote for him, Ben Carson does intrigue me so I found a used copy of his autobiography, Gifted Hands, and am presently reading it. It's very interesting! 

Yes, I know, if you look at my list of books from a few months ago, Life Without Limits, was on it. This is one of those books that I began reading but had to put down for one reason or another. It is an excellent book and is one of John Allen's favorites. I enjoyed what I read and am looking forward to picking it back up again.
I can't remember at what point in my life that Amy Carmichael became one of my favorite historical missionaries. However, she and another female missionary, Mary Slessor, are at the top of my top 10 missionary list. I have read different biographies about each one and have taught missionary stories in Bible Clubs and camps about each one. A Chance To Die, by another great female missionary, Elizabeth Elliot, is a great biography of a great missionary. It's not often that I read books twice. They have to be really, really, good for me to do that and this one is.

The Magic of Thinking Big is another one of my "started reading but life got in the way" books. It is a really great book that helps with goal setting, thinking positively, being creative in your thinking and dreaming and more. This is definitely a motivational book and I know that in the world of self-help books a Christian has to be very careful that these type books don't go against what God says in His Word. Although, I have not read this book all of the way through, I have not seen anything that is totally wrong yet. I will let you know if I do.

Many, many years ago I read Knowing God by J. I. Packer and loved it. I don't recall everything that it said but I do know that it made a big impact on my life back then and am very much looking forward to reading it again at this stage in my life.

Another motivational book that I have perused and saw nothing totally against God's Word. I have also watched videos of Brandon Burchard, the author, and really like him. As with any motivational book that is not totally Christian, I would encourage you to do your own research before buying. I'll let you know what I think about The Charge after I get done with it.

Although John C. Maxwell, is a motivational speaker, he is very much a Christian. I have read other things by him and really like him so I have no qualms at all about recommending Failing Forward. Many of you know what is going on in my family's life right now, and although I know that we are not failures, I'm sure this book with help in dealing with our emotions.

No, I am not disappointed with God, but I do wonder at why He does things sometimes. I know that He knows what is best and we just need to trust Him. Sometimes trusting without seeing exactly what the future holds is difficult. Disappointment With God was either in some donations that we got for our ministry or I found it at a used book store so I snatched it up. I read the first chapter and am hooked and can't wait to finish it.

Yes, I know, some people would consider the above to books as "rag" books that are useless to read. Let me explain my love of Phyllis A. Whitney though. Some of the first books that I read were from the children's series "The Bobbsey Twins". When I got into the older elementary years, though, I wanted something a little more advanced but still in the mystery genre. When I was at the library one day the librarian recommended the mystery books that Phyllis A. Whitney wrote for young people. I checked one out, loved it, and was hooked from then on. Although some of her adult mystery books may be classified as romance, they really are not. There is little romance in them and certainly not any inappropriate scenes or language at all. The fact that the books are written in travel destinations and/or historical places all over the world also drew me into the books. Each place and it's history is always described in great detail and always makes me want to visit the destination. So, anyway, call them what you want, but every once in a while I just want to read something that doesn't require me to think and put forth any effort except enjoyment. That's why The Stone Bull and The Turquoise Mask are on my list of books to read this summer.

This might also be considered a useless book to read by some, but Eugenia Price wrote excellent Christian historical novels. I have read many of them and loved them. The Waiting Game is another book that I picked up at a used book store for next to nothing and can't wait to read.

A couple of months ago I read and loved Christie, the novel that the popular TV movie and series was based on. I absolutely loved the book that was loosely based on the life of Catherine Marshall's mother. Julie, is loosely based on the life of Catherine Marshall herself so I it is a natural progression that I should read it as well. I know it is going to be just as good.

If you want a good Christian adventure novel that is also accurate in it's portrayal of the cultures and situations involved, you cannot go wrong with a Jeanette Windle novel. She is so accurate in her research that government agencies have questioned her to see if she had access to classified information. I'm sure the fact that I personally know her has nothing to do with me reading this autographed copy of Veiled Freedom. *Smile*
So, there you have my summer reading list. I'm sure I won't get to all of them and I'm sure the list might change a little bit as the dog days of summer go by. What's on your reading list for the summer? Leave me a comment and let me know. I may publish another post including the top picks of others. At any rate, have fun reading!

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