Saturday, May 23, 2015

5 Days of Traveling With Kids - Throwback Thursday

Summer is upon us! And with summer comes family vacations. I have tremendously fond memories of family vacations when I was growing up. Believe it or not, those vacations and trips helped shape the person that I am today. Dad was a big history buff and a big nature buff. We traveled to some great historical places like Gettysburg, Williamsburg, Boston, Plymouth, and New York City, and we were always looking for great nature areas and scenery.
Traveling with my family was always an adventure. That's one of the reasons why my desire is to make sure that my kids remember our vacations in a fond way as well. Although we often do the fun things, we also try to do a lot of things that are educational. We have visited national, state, city and private parks and gardens, lots of museums, historical areas, tons of zoos and aquariums, and other fascinating places. We have really been blessed.
A few years ago I wrote a five part series titled "5 Days of Traveling With Kids" and I thought, since summer is upon us, that now was a great time to share it once again. Just click here or on the banner above to get to the five posts. I hope that some of you find them useful. Happy traveling!

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