Thursday, December 8, 2011

Missions in Action - Episode 2


A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the very first episode of Missions in Action. Missions in Action is a really neat organization that was started to help promote missions. They are partnering with different mission organizations to help get the word out about how everyday folks can have a big impact in the world of missions and just the whole world in general. Compassion International, a group that you all know that I love, is one of the mission organizations that they are working with. Episode one and two both talk about how sponsoring a Compassion International child can have a big impact not only on the child's life, but in the life of the child's family as well.

Do you have all of your Christmas shopping done yet this year? Why not give a gift that will not only bring joy to your family but also the life of another? Pray about sponsoring a child. Sponsoring Compassion International children has made a big impact in our lives. We sponsor six children - one financially and we are correspondence sponsors (we write letters to) five others. Each one of our children are special to us. They are members of our family. I pray that the letters that we write and the small sum of money that we send will be a blessing to these children. The amount of money that it cost to sponsor a child for one year is less than some parents spend on one child for Christmas. Please watch this video and prayerfully consider sponsoring a child. For more information just click here or on the links that will be provided after the video.

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  1. I grew up giving gifts to the needy for Christmas instead of giving gifts to each other. We were always taught it was Jesus' birthday and not our own. I appreciate it so much now as I've continued the tradition of not exchanging gifts on Christmas. It makes this time of the year relaxing and we're able to enjoy the time off from work and simply rest and express our gratitude to God.