Friday, December 30, 2011

Another's New Year's goal – helping others.

My New Year's goals is to pray more for my children. I've been thinking a lot about specific things prayers that I want to pray for each one of my sons. Naturally, my wife and my biological children are the most important things in my life next to God and I'll be talking a lot about my family goals in future posts. I'm also developing prayer goals for my Compassion International  kids as well, which brings me to my topic for tonight - Missions In Action. Quite a few weeks ago, I introduced you all to an online video series that is being produced by Missions In Action. Missions In Action is a fantastic organization whose desire is to "enable people to make a difference by taking action to help others around the world". Their goal is to post two or three short videos a week highlighting an organization that she can partner with to do just that "help others around the world". My goal was to post each one of their videos on my blog unfortunately, I am way behind. They are already on episode 13 and I've only posted two of them. So, today I went to post two more, both highlighting the work of Compassion International. If, after watching the videos, you would like to know more about Compassion International,  just click here or on any one of the highlighted links above. If you want to know more about Missions In Action, just click here.

Episode Three

Episode Four

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