Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin!

No, not the New Year's Countdown, the New Blog Countdown.

Oh, I've been blogging on my new Families Again blog - http://familiesagain.blogspot.com/ -  for about a month now, but I've also posted on my old Families Again blog - http://tink38570.angelfire.com/familiesagain/ . Well, come January 1, that will all end. I will officially be a one blog person again. My blogspot blog will be the only blog on which I blog daily. Oh, I'll probably visit my other blog occasionally, but it's really time to say "Goodbye" to it. It has given me many great years of blogging. Really, I will miss it, but it has an outdated platform and Blogspot is up to date and looks really nice.

If you haven't been over to see the new blog yet, please do! Again, the address is -  http://familiesagain.blogspot.com/ . The name is still the same - Families Again, and the content hasn't changed (although I'm sure some of you wish it would!). If you subscribe to my blog using NetworkedBlogs, Google Friend Connect, or somethng else, and you are still getting feeds to the old, green, refrigerator blog, then please let me know and I'll work on the problem right away. If you haven't subscribed to my blog yet, then please do. Just make sure you're on my new blog and then subscribe using one of the methods in the left had column.

And now, let the countdown begin!


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