Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Thru 30 - Day 2 - Matthew 13:1 - 23:39

You can probably tell that yesterday, although I really did get a lot from the reading, I didn't take notes. I learned from my lesson and had pencil in hand when I read today's passage. Here are my thoughts on a few things from the reading:

Chapter 14:22-45 ~ My first thought after reading of Peter's lack of faith was "I, too, am so lacking in faith." Please Lord, forgive me for my lack of faith. Help me to have the faith of a mustard seed.

Chapter 15:8-9 ~ Are my teaching nothing but rules? Do I only honor God with my lips and not with my heart as well? Lord, help my Christian life not to be just obedience to rules, but help me to go beyond the veil, beyond the curtain and into the Holy of Holy. Help my Christian life to be a life in your actual presence.

Chapter 15:19-20 ~ An old saying but really a good prayer - Lord, help my words today to be tender and sweet, because tomorrow I may have to eat them.

Chapter 15:33 ~ I found it funny that Jesus had just fed the 5000 and now, when He asks His disciples to feed 4000 they ask "Where could we get enough bread in this remote place to feed such a crowd?" You would think that they would have learned there lesson! My wife often quotes a Beth Moore prayer - Lord, help me to learn my lesson in the classroom so I won't have to learn it on the field trip.

Chapter 16:16&23 ~ I want to really see Christ and know His mind. Lord, again, help me to go beyond the veil and into your presence. Help me to see you and to really know your mind. Chapter 17:20,21 ~ Oh, to have the faith of a mustard seed. Lord, again, forgive my unfaithfulness and help me to have faith.

Chapter 18:15 ~ So many times people quote the Matt. 18 verses as a formula for confronting people who are committing sins. In my view (emphases on my view), the verse says that if a brother sins against you. I had never noticed the against you part. This isn't a blanket outline for how to approach any sinner. This is an outline for going to someone who has sinned against you. We need to confront others sins with boldness, but only after we have spent time before the throne of grace. Lord, help me to be careful to apply the appropriate Biblical approach to the proper situation. And help me always to come before you first to seek your guidance.

Chapter 18:35 ~ And when a brother asks for forgiveness, Lord, help me to forgive that brother with all of my heart, not holding back anything. Let me forgive his transgressions as you have forgiven mine - completely.

Chapter 19:13-14 ~ Again, didn't Jesus just teach a lesson on children in chapter 18. Unfortunately, I am often like the disciples and am very thick headed and slow to learn. Lord, again, help me to learn my lessons the first time.

Chapter 19:23-26 ~ Many things in life seem to be impossible to men, but with God, all things are possible. Thank you for being a mighty God and for allowing all things to be possible through you.

Chapter 21:18-21 ~ Oh, to have such faith. Help me Lord to have the kind of faith that can move mountains.

Chapter 23 ~ Woe to all of us that do not learn these seven woes. Lord, help me to learn my lessons through the examples in your Word before making the same mistakes in life.

Again, these are simply the things that stood out to me. There are so many other things to be learned from the book of Matthew. I am anxious to read what you all have learned from today's passage.

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