Monday, March 14, 2016

Jacob's Snappy and Fetch Surprise! I Never Expected This!

We had a surprise a couple of days ago.
Well, let me clarify, at first it was a concern. Someone had messed with my laptop. I woke up and could tell that something just wasn't right. Of course, immediately I opened up my computer to make sure nothing had been tampered with. What I found, however, was a complete shock!

Jacob's two favorite stuffed animals had been using with my laptop! Yes, I said his two favorite stuffed animals - Snappy and Fetch. They wanted to send a special message to Jacob and my computer seemed to be the easiest source.
Here's what I found!
So, what is this all about? I guess we will have to wait for a future post to find out!
We later helped Snappy and Fetch out and added music and credits. Here's the newly edited version.