Monday, February 23, 2015

Wow! What a Week! I am Stoked!

Now "stoked" isn't a word that I usually use, so you know I must be excited!

Leave it to God to open doors!

I can't believe that it has only been a little over a week ago that I actively began blogging again. So much has happened in that one week. Not only for this blog, but also for our homeschool. Allow me to fill you in on what God is doing,

For several years I had the great privilege to work with Schoolhouse Review Crew reviewing and blogging about great homeschool products. Unfortunately, I had to drop out because of some family health problems. While with "the crew" I was able to sample many of the other products that their parent company, The Old Schoolhouse, offered including their curriculum site Well, the reasons that required me to stop blogging for "the crew" also took up much of my time. Suddenly, looking for excellent curriculum to use with my kids took a backseat to health problems and other life changing events. Homeschooling was put on cruise control and we just made due with what we had. Until recently.
These past few weeks I have felt God telling me that it was time. Time to get back to doing some of the things that I loved to do. Naturally my relationship with God, family and ministry are my top priorities, but blogging and watching my boy's faces light up with new and exciting curriculum are also loves of mine. Along with restarting my blog up this past week, I also began thinking about what direction we should go in our homeschool. That thinking (and God of course) made me open up an email that was in my inbox. I get a lot of emails from a lot of companies that I have reviewed products for and...shhhh...I don't always have the time to open and read each one. This time, I did open the email and, lo and behold, what would one of the first things be that I saw?
A few months ago, my youngest, who is super smart but developmentally delayed, came to me and informed me that he wanted to learn Hebrew. When I asked him why, He matter of factly told me that it was because Hebrew was a Biblical language and he wanted to learn a Biblical language. Well, as you know from my posts on unschooling, Oh No! Could We Actually Be...*Gasp*...Unschoolers?!?You know that we like to strike while the iron is hot and work with things that are of interest to our children. I tried and tried to find a Hebrew course that was right for Jacob but couldn't find anything. Wouldn't you know it, one of the first things that I saw in the email was a Hands-On Hebrew course that was right on Jacob's level?

And that's not all! I clicked over to their webpage and found a great middle school/high school course on Imperial Russia for Joshua. There are so many courses and other items that I am still finding things for the kids. Lapbooking, geography, name it and they have it. I am super excited! Some of the courses actually have teachers that record videos, but, since the things are recorded, you can pretty much start a course at any time.

Now, I will tell you that I was so excited about this site that I became a member and then promptly became an affiliate so, if you click on of the links above and then choose to become a member, I will receive a commission. I'll also tell you, though, that there is a free section that is worth exploring even if you didn't want to become a member. Membership is $12.95 a month or $139 a year and new things are added every month. Once you become a member there is no extra charge for any of the courses or anything else.

But, that's not all that God is doing when it comes to homeschooling and my blog. There are other things in the works that I can't tell you about right now but will be able to fill you in on real soon!

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