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The Tinkel Time's - Our Winter 2015 Missionary Newsletter

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

 Dear friends and family,

So many changes have taken place in the past few months that, although Sarah and I have used Jeremiah 29:11 before, God laid it on my heart to use it again.

At the beginning of December, we held our first annual Cando Bazaar. All things were either made or donated by the people of the public housing are to help them earn extra money for Christmas. The bazaar was a great success. Then, as most of you know, in mid-December we got word that, after graciously allowing us to live and minister at the property on Hi Tech Dr. for 16 years, the owner received an offer and decided to sell. We received the news on the same day that we were having our annual ladies Christmas dinner for the ladies of Good News Mission. So with heavy but expectant hearts we hosted over 30 ladies, the largest group that we had ever had, realizing that this would probably be the last event that we would have in our beloved mission building.
The first task was to find a place to relocate our family. After much prayer and soul searching, we really felt that God wanted us to continue ministering to the same folks that to we have been ministering to all of these years. Therefore, we desired to stay in Livingston. I called a friend of ours that has rental properties to see if anything was available. Praise be to God that He had already prepared a place for us. Someone had just notified our friends that they would be leaving at the end of the month so a three bedroom apartment would be available to us the first of January! However, that wasn’t all. The apartment was in the same neighborhood that we lived in only three blocks away. It was on a street that we had ministered to in a limited manner over the years so the Lord not only allowed us to stay close to those we had been ministering to but also expanded our ministry.

Now that the matter of family housing had been taken care of, we then focused on the mission building and how we were going to minister. All of these years God had provided a building and property where we could hold our weekly Bible studies and Bible clubs but also our summer day camps and other year round special activities. Without the building how would we hold our events? We could do some things in our apartment, but it certainly wasn’t big enough for all of the things that we were accustomed to doing. Our thoughts ranged from looking for property close to the public housing area to perhaps even buying and renovating a bus. All of those things required money that we didn’t have at the time. As God often chooses to do, He didn’t fill us in on all of His plans right away so our next step was finding a place to store all of our ministry things. We really didn’t want but were willing to use some of the donations to our ministry to pay for a storage facility but, again thanks be to God, a local church graciously offered to let us use a huge building that they own for the time being free of charge.
So, the moving began. Sarah’s mom lives with and takes care of Sarah’s elderly grandmother. Sarah had already committed to giving Mom a much needed break by watching “Granny” over the holidays. However, we only had a limited time to move. So, John Allen and I traveled back and forth between grandma’s house, an hour and a half away, and Livingston to begin the task of moving. We would spend a few days in Livingston, then go back to spend a few days over Christmas and then a few days again over New Years with the family. Finally with the holidays completed, all of us returned home to continue moving only for things to be complicated more by two deaths in the family. Toward the middle of January Mom’s longtime friend and grandfather-figure to our boys passed away. Sarah again went with her mom to help during this time. Then, just a couple of week later, “Granny” had a major stroke and passed away a week later. Again, God called Sarah to go and assist. By God’s grace and with the assistance of many friends, almost everything from both the mission and our home got moved. The recent snow storms and ice storms that we have had the past couple of weeks have prevented us from moving the last three or four heavy items but that task should be completed next week.

During this time, God graciously chose to reveal a little more of his grand plan for our ministry. Good friends and fellow BCM missionaries from Kentucky contacted us and asked if we would be interested in their completely renovated ministry bus. It is a converted airport shuttle bus that has been beautifully redone on the inside as a type of mobile Bible club classroom. They had recently relocated to a more urban area where the bus was not needed and knew that we had been praying for something such as this. We excitedly prayed and then called our advisory committee and, with their blessing, said “Yes”! The bus was delivered to us a little over a week ago. Unfortunately it broke down right outside of Livingston, but the repairs don’t look as if they are going to be very expensive at all. After checking with the local licensing place, the cost of tags and transferring the title aren’t going to be expensive either. Now we can take our ministry on the road and reach even more people! God has provided a home for us and a place to minister! Praise the Lord!

Where does that leave us? Well, we are settled into our new place and love it. It is a bit smaller than the mission home but not by much. We were worried about how the kids would take being uprooted from the only home in which they could ever remember living but it has not fazed them a bit and they love it as well. We also have a wonderful bus in which to minister when it gets repaired.
All of these things don’t come without a price, however. As with most missionaries, we have been under supported and this past year our personal support has gone down even more. Now we have the added expense of rent which we didn’t have at the mission house. That makes things even more difficult. We desperately need to raise more support and are looking for opportunities to share our ministry. Since we homeschool, we are able and willing to travel and take speaking trips but would like to group speaking engagements together as much as possible. If you would be willing to host us at your church or would just like us to come and share with you personally please contact us at the address or phone number listed below. If God is leading you to support us now, there are several ways in which to do it. You can send a check made out to BCM International with our name and missionary number #0642 on the memo line to the BCM International address listed below or you can go directly to BCM’s website at and click on the “Donate Now” tab at the top of the page. On the new page click on the “Designation” box and then on “Other” and put our information “Tinkel #642” in the box provided. Thank you so much ahead of time.

Our ministry, Good News Mission, has a small account that helps with some of our local ministry expenses. Since we don’t have a mission building at the present time, we are planning on changing our name to “Good News Ministries” but for now, if you would like to send a check to that account, please make it out to Good News Mission and send it to that address below. Again, thank you ahead of time.
Finally, nothing that we do could be accomplished without your prayers. Please praise God with us for all that He has accomplished. Also, continue to pray for our ministry and for all of the changes. We still desire to have our summer day camps and other events throughout the year but at present have no place to hold them. Please pray for God to provide in those areas. Also be in prayer as to our family perhaps someday owning our own home.

Thank you again for all that you do for us. We love you and are praying for you as well.
Tim and Sarah and the boys

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