Thursday, February 26, 2015

We're Going to a Carnival! A Blog Carnival that is!


To be specific it's "The Homeschool Showcase" over at the blog The Heart of Michelle. Michelle blogs about many things but one of the things that happens on her blog every other week is "The Homeschool Showcase" blog carnival. This blog carnival is her 149th and is subtitled "A Plethora of Tips and Advice".

What is a "Blog Carnival"? A Blog Carnival is where a specific topic is given and different bloggers submit their blog posts to be included in the carnival. The host then writes one big post that features and provides links to the submitted posts. I submitted two of my posts and both of them are featured in this edition of the carnival!

I'm sure that you have read both of my posts already, but you probably haven't read any of the other great posts that are featured. Why don't you head over to Michelle's blog by clicking here or on one of the links above and check some of them out. That's where I'm going right now! Have fun reading and tell them that Tim sent you!

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