Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hmph! See if I Ever Chomp Down on One of Their Chicken Legs Again!

...Or for that matter one of their popcorn nuggets!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to whisk my princess away for lunch and decided to go to a popular chicken restaurant. I won't mention any names. Let's just say that it's founder was a Colonel from Kentucky.

Anyway, we asked what the special was and they said that on Monday the buffet was $6 and that included your drink. I ordered two and the total came to a little over $11.50. I didn't think anything of it until we filled our plates and sat down to eat and both realized that our total with tax should be well over $12. Being the conscientious person that I am, I quickly pulled out the receipt to check where the error was. I, of course, intended to go back and pay the extra. Well, what to my surprise should I find?

They gave us a senior discount!

"I don't understand!" I exclaimed to my princess. "You don't look like a senior at all!"

To which she rolled her eyes and softly took my hand to explain, "Dear, they are talking about YOU!"

Me! Why I never...! I'm only in my lower 50s! Perhaps closer to 55 than 50 but still in my lower 50s! I'm not even close to being a senior!

And I don't look like a senior either. Just compare the picture above with this picture from when I was a bit younger. I haven't changed a bit!

I'm as youthful as ever. I mean, I may have a little gray hair but it's not that noticeable. This cold weather has made my joints ache and I may have been limping a little yesterday but a lot of people walk funny. Surely no one can tell that my glasses are bifocals. My hair has thinned slightly but I had thick hair anyway so you can't tell. I just don't understand it!

Surely there must have been a mistake. Maybe the cashier pressed the wrong button. Perhaps she saw an elderly costumer coming through the door and thought to herself that that person deserved a senior discount only to accidentally give it to me instead. That must be it. The gentleman behind us was older I'm sure.

Just to reinforce to myself that no cosmetic changes needed to be made I asked my princess if I still looked the same to her. She mumbled something (she must have had food in her mouth) but I'm sure I heard her say,

"You're still my handsome prince."

Ahhhh. That is all I needed to hear. All is right with my world once again. No need to worry. I'm still as youthful as ever.

Just a fair warning. Beware if you go to that particular fast food place in my beloved adopted home town. Despite how young you look, they may not view you as the "spring chicken" that I'm sure you are and as I still am.

Senior discount indeed!


  1. Bless your heart, Tim! You don't look like a senior to me!

  2. Thank you so much Heidi! Those are my sentiments exactly! :-)

  3. Thank you, Tim, for an out loud LAUGH!!!!!! When Dick comes back from getting supper for us over at the church, I will make sure he reads this one.... ;)
    From true "senior citizens" - Dick and Mary Ann

  4. LOL! I remember years ago when we ate with my inlaws and my brother-in-law, probably in his early 40s at the time, was given a senior discount. We still pick on him about that, but I think it was just that the very young cashier thought he was old. "Old" changes as we get older.