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Don’t be Puzzled! Just Download the The Daily Bible Jigsaw app. from Planet 316. It’s Amazing! A Homeschool Review Crew Review.


Planet 316

I’m going to cut right to the chase on this review. No chit chat or anything. And, despite what this review is about, this is not a puzzling review to write at all. Why is it not puzzling? Because this has got to be one of my favorite items ever that I’ve reviewed since being on the Homeschool Review Crew. And, I’ve been on it for all but about a year and a half of the past 8 years or so. What great item is it?  The Daily Bible Jigsaw app. from Planet 316! Sarah and I, and even the kids, have loved this.


Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

So what is it? It’s a super cool app for your phone or tablet or even your computer (through Facebook) where you put together beautiful 30 piece jigsaw puzzles. After you have put together the puzzle it displays a Bible verse on it that you can share on Facebook. Take a look at the picture below and you’ll see what I mean.

 Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

Never done a jigsaw puzzle on your phone or computer? Well, neither had I but it is super easy to do. You just click on a piece by hovering over it and holding down your mouse curser and move it to another piece. If they fit then they will click together. Then you just pick up another piece to and continue. If you need to rotate the piece so that it is going the right direction you just click on it and it will rotate 90%. Just keep clicking until you get it where you want. When you get the whole puzzle together then the verse will display on it. Take a look at the completed puzzle below to see what I mean.

  Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

You can then share it on Facebook if you like so that it will bless and uplift others.

Okay, now I know that there are some people that are great at jigsaw puzzles and some people that are not so great. This has app has something for everyone!

If you are not so great at jigsaw puzzles there are a lot of helps that you can use.

I really like the help where only the edges are shown. When I press on it all of the center pieces are removed and the edge pieces are left. That’s the way Grandpa and I used to do those huge jigsaw puzzles when I was young. Anyway, after the edge pieces are all in place then the center pieces reappear.

Unfortunately, the center pieces just reappear haphazardly right in the middle of the puzzle. That makes the puzzle difficult to complete. Never fear, there is also a help that “sweeps” all of the unused pieces to the sides so that you can get a clear view of the center. You can use this at any time to move all the pieces to the sides of the mat.

I mentioned my Grandpa a second ago. There was always a jigsaw puzzle going on the card table in the living room of his house. To help us know what the puzzle was to look like we always had the box top showing so that we could look at it. Never fear! You can do the same thing with the Daily Bible Jigsaw. There is a help that allows you to take a peak at what the completed puzzle looks like.

Still having trouble? Well the next to helps are extra useful if you are having a hard time.

With the first you can click on the rotate help button and rotate all of the pieces to their correct position. They will stay that way the entire time so that you won’t have to rotate them on your own and there is no confusion as to how each piece is to be positioned.

If you are still having difficulty you can press on the magnet help and two pieces will automatically come together.

Now, mind you, you have to pay coins for these helps, but it isn’t difficult to get coins. Like all free online apps, the creators have to make money somewhere. Otherwise they can’t keep producing great games. Planet 316 is no different. You can either purchase coins or you can watch a quick advertisement video to earn coins. The creators gave me a bunch of coins to use during the review period, but I probably wouldn’t have needed them because you can watch two videos in a row to earn 2 coins each time you watch. After that, you have to wait about five minutes to watch a couple of more videos.


 Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316
Now this is where the fun really begins for you die hard puzzle fans. There are a bunch of ways that those who love puzzles can challenge themselves.
First, each puzzle is timed and you can replay a puzzle if you want to try to get a better time. Or, if you want to challenge a friend, you can challenge them and try to get first place. My friend Debra seems to always be in first place on my list. I think she is cheating somehow, but she claims she never uses any helps! Hmmmmmm! I’m not so sure!
There is also a weekly trophy that you can earn if you complete the most puzzles. I am really trying to win this weeks trophy. I was only eleven puzzles behind the last time I checked.
Which reminds me, a new puzzle is available every day, but you can go back and do past puzzles from before you downloaded the app. Just click on the calendar and go! I have so much fun doing that. You can also earn extra coins by doing this. If you complete so many “Monday” puzzles you will earn reward coins. That goes for each day of the week. You can also earn reward coins for doing puzzles in a certain amount of time. Recently I complete my 100th puzzle and earned more reward coins.
 Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316
Okay, there are so many great things about the Daily Bible Jigsaw app. from Planet 316 that I know I am forgetting something. Oh, I remember! There are also bonus puzzles that you can do. They are a lot bigger and more challenging but just as fun. Also, if you are just having a down moment and need some encouragement you can just click on the verse button to read the wonderful verses that are used or click on the archive button to look back at all of the beautiful puzzles that you have already completed.
So, what’s the best part of the Daily Bible Jigsaw app. from Planet 316? It’s absolutely FREE! We love it! Just click on any one of the highlighted links above to find out how to download it on your phone, tablet or computer. Also, check out their social media links that are listed below. Many of the other Homeschool Review Crew members reviewed this great app and you can find what they had to say by clicking on the banner below. Happy Puzzling!
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