Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Haven’t Forgotten!


What do we do 3

Recently I began a series titled “What In the World Do the Tinkels Do?” about what my family’s ministry is all about. I began by telling you all about our umbrella organization BCM International (you can find part one by clicking here) and mentioned that I would continue the series and tell you all about our local ministry called “Good News Ministries”. I haven’t forgotten to continue the series, I just got a little waylaid. I am planning on continuing the series within the next couple of days. Part two will be about how Good News Ministries began.

In the meantime, for my homeschooling friends, I am excited to say, that I am going to be writing a series about how we have developed our own history curriculum with inexpensive and often free things that my boys love. We have had so much fun choosing our own books and other materials and not being limited by a traditional curriculum. Please keep an eye out for the beginning of that series coming in the next week or so as well.

Until then, please accept my apologies for being late on part two of my “What In the World Do the Tinkels Do” series.


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