Friday, September 11, 2015

The Tinkel Times–Post Summer Newsletter!

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Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.Mark 16:16
Recently, I watched a biography of David Livingston with my two youngest Joshua and Jacob. One of the Christian historians mentioned at the end that there is one thing that you can’t do in Heaven. You can’t evangelize and tell others about Christ. That is the one thing that must be done on earth and it is also the “Great Commission”that Jesus gave to his disciples in the gospels. As modern day disciples of Christ, I believe that God has called us to go and reach the world as well.
That is what our entire family endeavors to do – reach those in Livingston and the surrounding areas with the gospel. We believe that God called us to work in Livingston, TN. We can see the hand of God down through the ages leading us to Good News Ministries.
Although recent changes in our ministry have at times been frustrating, we are excited about what God is leading us to do in the future.
A couple of weeks ago we had a Good News Ministry board meeting to discuss finally purchasing insurance for the converted minibus that was given to us to use. I had gotten some very good quotes and was excited to finally make use of the bus to use for Bible Clubs and other ministries. Sometimes my zeal can get in the way of sensible thinking, however. That is why I have a committee of fantastic Christian men and women to keep me on the right path and give me good advice. They pointed out that, although we had a bit of money saved up in our ministry account, and we had a couple of regular donors, the amount of money saved along with the regular donations would only last a year or so. They again emphasized that I need to speak to more churches and individuals not only about supporting our ministry, but our family as well.
As full-time missionaries, Sarah and I have to raise our own personal and ministry support which means that we have to speak to churches and individuals about our needs and ask if they would prayerfully consider pledging a monthly amount to support our ministry and/or family. Although I have written about our need many times before, there is one thing that I have not actually done. I have not specifically asked every one of you to prayerfully consider what you can do to help us financially.
So, I am now asking all of you, my friends, whether you know me personally, or just online, to prayerfully consider if God would like you to partner with our ministry and with our family. Right now we have two immediate needs. We need about $100 more a month in our ministry budget to be able to afford to insure the bus and keep it insured for the long run. Also, my family is in desperate need of financial support. As a family, we need about $1000 a month more coming in to our household. Really we need more but $1000 would immediately help us make ends meet.
If we had 11 churches or individuals that would pledge $100 to the ministry and our support that would cover the immediate needs. Or if we had 22 individuals pledging $50 or 44 individuals pledging $25 then that would cover our costs. Would you prayerfully consider if God is calling you to partner with us for one of these amounts or another amount?
If you would like more information on our ministry or how you can help please contact us. All of our contact information is below. Perhaps we can get together with you or even speak at your church. At the end of this prayer letter, I have put the links to several recent blog posts that I have written that describe what we do and the individuals that we work with on a daily basis.
Thank you to all of you who have supported us over the years whether financially or prayerfully. We could not minister without you. Again, if you want more information or would like to come along side of us with support please give us a call, text us, shoot us an email, or even leave a comment to this blog post. We appreciate all of you.
Tim and Sarah Tinkel – Good News Ministries – 904 Lee Drive, Livingston, TN 38570 – Tim Cell – 931-319-2551
Address to send support for our ministry and bus fund – Good News Ministries - % of Don Maxson – 608 Big Springs Rd., Monroe, TN, 38573
The Tinkels do not receive any money from the above account, it is strictly used for ministry.
Address to send support for the Tinkel family – BCM International, 201 Granite Run Drive, Suite 260, Lancaster, PA, 17601
Please put on the memo line or on a slip of paper that the check is for Tim and Sarah Tinkel account number 642.
Ministry Blog Posts - Just click on the title or, if you are receiving this in the mail, go to my blog and click on the ministry tab in the right hand column.

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