Monday, July 6, 2015

Time’s Fun When You Are Having Flies!


Day Camp 3 - 2

Times Fun When You’re Having Flies!

I mean. . .Time Flies When You’re Having Fun. Well, we do have flies but that wasn’t what I meant to say. I mean, flies are bad this summer but what I really meant was. . .

Oh for Pete’s sake I need to get on with it!

Anyway, I was lamenting that it has been a whole week since I posted anything on my blog! This has been a super busy summer with day camps and part-time job and ministry and a little homeschool and a little of just plain fun and I let time get away with me and forgot to post anything on my blog!

It really has been a very busy summer. We just finished our third week of day camp. It has been different since we no longer have our own ministry building to use. A local church has graciously allowed us to use their youth ministry center. It is a fantastic facility with a huge game room, a café, an auditorium and a car that looks like it is going through the side of the building!

Our day camps are designed for low income kids so most of our day campers are from the projects or other low income areas such as trailer parks etc. These are kids that don’t normally see stuff like this so it has  been a lot of fun watching them.

For the first three weeks of day camp we used curriculum from our umbrella mission organization BCM International. BCM has a great series called “Footsteps of Faith” that was originally developed for missionaries to use when conducting children’s Bible Clubs but is also used in homeschools, Sunday schools and more. Click here or on the highlighted link above to get to BCM International’s online store to peruse all of the great material that they have.

This summer we used their New Testament Volume 1 Lessons called “Who Is Jesus Christ”. Below is a picture of the kids taken with the finished review chart. They loved being able to name off all of the lesson themes and symbols. Many of them could do it by themselves without any help.

New Testament Volume One Review Chart

Our big fun craft project was homemade sidewalk chalk. It is super easy to make. Just one part corn starch to one part water and add food coloring. You may need to adjust it a little. Some folks like it thicker so they add more corn starch. Some folks like it thinner so they add more water. Some folks add liquid watercolor paint for the color instead of food coloring. Below are some pictures of our finished product and just a little of the artwork. More pictures to come!

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk 1Homemade Sidewalk Chalk 2

It was a great week of camp. One more week of camp to go! We will be using one of BCM International’s summer camping curriculum, “Our God is Able” – a five day study on the life of David.

Please continue to pray for our day camps. So far this summer nine children who have attended our day camps have trusted the Lord! We are very excited. Please pray as we follow up on these kids after summer is over as well. We have a completely converted minibus that was donated to us so that we can hold Bible Clubs this fall. So far we are planning to hold Bible Clubs in the two locations where most of the kids live. The kids that live outside of one of those areas we will pick up and bring to one of the two clubs.

Pray also for our finances. Both the finances for our ministry and our personal finances. Right now I am working at a part time job where my schedule changes every week. In order to conduct Bible Clubs on a weekly basis, I would need to have at least two days off on a consistent basis. We really need to have an increase in support of about $1000 a month but are praying for an increase of $500 by the end of summer.

Thank you for all of your prayers for our ministry and for us. It is greatly appreciated.

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