Monday, June 8, 2015

God is Faithful!

Day Camp 1 


God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. 1 Corinthians 1:9 (NIV)


Last week was our first week of Day Camp for 2015. Many of you know of the challenges that our ministry has faced for the past year. God has been gracious in allowing us to use an old mom and pop grocery store with a home attached for the past 17 years for our ministry. The generous local doctor who owned the buildings and land allowed us to use them for free. For the past 14 years we lived in the house and used the old grocery store building for our ministry. This past November we received word that someone was looking to buy the buildings and property. In December we were told that the buildings sold and we faced the challenge of moving our home and ministry.

For several years we have held day camps for the children who lived in the projects and other low income areas in town. Each year the day camps have grown. This year, however, since we didn’t have a building to hold the camps in, we had to look elsewhere. A wonderful church in town allowed us to use there youth facilities (the same facilities that the church that my family attends on Sundays uses). Since we would have to transport all of the kids to the new location, we were unsure as to how many would attend.

As always, God is faithful! We shouldn’t have been worried. Last week was our first week of four weeks and it was the biggest week we have ever had. Since the facilities were already scheduled for use on Thursday and Friday we could only have day camp for three days but if all of the children that came would have all come the same day, we would have had nearly 50 kids. Our three days easily averaged right around 40 children. Some of our regular helpers couldn’t come but God blessed in that way as well by introducing us to a couple of new parents who were tremendously helpful. Yes, God is always faithful! All of the kids said that they would be back and since some children couldn’t come the first week our next week should be even bigger!

Please continue to pray for my family, the helpers and the rest of the day camps. Since Sarah and I are both working part time jobs, our planning and preparation time has been cut down. I had to go into work several of the days last week after the day camp was over which very much tired me. Next week, however, one of our main leaders, fellow missionary and great friend Lois Lass, who wasn’t able to be here the first week will be able to help. She has been with us since we first began doing our Good News Ministry Day Camps 15 years ago.

Please also pray for the kids. One little boy named Christopher trusted the Lord. Please pray for his growth. We also visited a very impoverished area of town where we used to minister but haven’t been able to for several years. Six boys faithfully came every day from that area. Other new families and children from the projects and other places around town also came as well as many of the old faces from years past. There are some kids that have a very rough home life that are attending this year. Please pray that we can reach them for the Lord.

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