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Captain Absolutely! An Absolutely Fantastic Book by Focus on the Family. A Homeschool Review Crew Review


Focus On The Family

With seven boys of various ages and with various backgrounds living in our home it is hard to come up with a way to creatively teach Christian values. Today’s society twists values and morals into things that God never ever intended. There are no absolute truths anymore – everything is relative. Little did I know that there was a comic book series, perfect for boys (and girls), that teaches real Biblical truth! It’s not really in comic book form but is in softback book form but it is just as good as any comic book series that I ever read as a youth. And, it’s from Focus on the Family – a company that you know you can trust. It’s called Captain Absolutely and is based on a character from the popular radio and video program Focus On The Family.

It all begins as two friends are working together in the library when one friend drops a sunflower seed into a computer that just happens to be connected to the city’s central computer that is run by nuclear power. Chaos ensues when an explosion occurs and one friend becomes trapped in a room full of Bibles while the other friend finds himself in the philosophy section of the Bible. After a night of reading they are rescued however they are no longer Josiah King and Darren Gray but they are Captain Absolutely and his arch nemesis Dr. Relative!


 Captain Absolutely


Thru a very clever and imaginative storyline Biblical truths are taught. My kids love it. Even my non-reading foster sons are attracted to it because of it’s colorful pictures and comic book format. It truly rivals many of the popular comic book series of today and yesterday (and I should know, I was a big comic book kid when I was younger). I love the fact that they are learning solid truths and learning not to follow what the world or todays philosophy says but to follow what God says. It is a win for everyone! One by one my kids are reading this and really learning. They didn’t get to read it until I was done with it first, though!

I had no doubt that Captain Absolutely would teach solid scriptural truths because of it’s publisher, Focus On The Family. My kids (and I) have watched their videos and listened to their radio broadcasts for years and know them to be trustworthy. I know you can trust them and that your children will really enjoy this as well! To find out more about Captain Absolutely or about Focus On The Family just click on any one of the highlighted links above. Other members of the homeschool review crew also reviewed Captain Absolutely and you can find what they had to say by clicking on the banner below. You can also find out more by clicking on one of their social media links listed below. Happy Reading!

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