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We Got John Allen's Diploma from! A Schoolhouse Review Crew Review!

Exclusive High School Diploma Review
Okay, I admit it! It's all my fault! Now, I've got everyone's attention since I don't often admit to anything being my fault! So, what is this terrible deed that I did? Well, I messed up on John Allen's foreign language and he doesn't have enough credits to graduate. That being said, we are getting it worked out and he will be graduating next year and will be taking some college classes along the way as well.
Why am I mentioning all of that? Well, now that we are getting all of these things worked out we can finally think about him graduating. We want this to be something special for him since he worked hard in his public school days from kindergarten through third grade and definitely worked hard during his homeschool years from fourth grade until now. We are proud of him and, since he won't be walking down an aisle in any graduation ceremony or have any of the traditional graduation celebrations, we want to do something a little extraordinary for him. When we had the chance to actually order and review an Exclusive High School Diploma from I was excited because I knew this would be one of those things that would make his graduation special.
What I didn't expect was the special experience I got from working with this company. From the experience I had in ordering this beautiful diploma to the costumer service I had when there was a problem with my ordering to the shipping and packaging and receiving of the product, all of it was a genuinely special experience.
Exclusive High School Diploma Review
Let me begin by talking about the ordering of our Exclusive High School Diploma first. You would think that ordering a diploma would be a simple task. Just give the names that you want on the sheepskin and that's it. Right? Not with! There were over twenty decisions that we had to make in choosing just the right diploma for John Allen. Just some of the things that we had to decide were:
  • The color of the cover for the diploma
  • What kind of seal we wanted on the cover
  • The wording around the seal on the cover
  • The seal on the inside
  • How we wanted his name written on the inside
  • The font we wanted for the name
  • Do we have a school name
  • Do we want a verse or motto
  • Do we have a specific date for his graduation
  • What do we want as the official wording
  • What font do we want the official wording in
  • Do we want the father to sign
  • Where do we want the father to sign
  • Do we want the mother to sign
  • Where do we want the mother to sign

I think you get the picture! And those are only a few of the things we had to decide. You might think that that would be a tedious task, but the way had it set up on their website was really painless and actually kind of fun. The neat thing about it is that with all of the intricate details, this would be a diploma that would be like no other diploma. John Allen won't just have a run of the mill diploma that everyone in his class has, but he will have a unique diploma that his parents had the opportunity to design for him! Below are pictures of the outside and inside of his special diploma.

Now, let me also tell you that the folks from are some of the nicest people to work with as well. As part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, we were given this diploma free in order to review the process and the diploma itself. In order to not be charged when we ordered it we were given a special code. Well, you might not be surprised that I did it all wrong! I messed it up and was charged for the diploma. Now they don't charge nearly enough for the service and the product and I would have gladly paid the price, but since I was doing this as a review I felt I needed to do things right so I emailed them and sheepishly explained the situation. They were so pleasant when they wrote back and were so helpful. Other companies need to learn from their customer service!
Finally, the care that we took in choosing John Allen's diploma was equally matched in their making and packaging of the diploma itself. As you can see by the above pictures, the diploma is beautiful, and made sure that arrived in beautiful condition. You could tell that they value their products by the way it was boxed and delivered.
I was also pleasantly surprised to find some samples of graduation announcements and invitations that you can also order from They sent two completely different announcements that are in totally different styles and they were both beautiful. I will definitely consider ordering our announcements through them as John Allen's day of graduation comes closer. If the choices for the announcements are as diverse as the choices for the diploma, I'm sure Sarah and I are going to have a great time ordering them as well.
As you can see, we are very thrilled with the Exclusive High School Diploma that we received from and we are going to be very excited to present it to John Allen next year. To find out how you can order all of your graduation needs (even caps and gowns) from just click on any of the highlighted links above. To find out what other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew thought about this great company and to see some of the diplomas that they chose click on the banner below. Happy Homeschooling!
Exclusive High School Diploma Review

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