Friday, April 29, 2016

It's Coming! Favorite FREE! (or Cheap) Homeschool Resources!

Favorite  FREE / Cheap Homeschool Resources
The Schoolhouse Review Crew does so much more than reviews. One of the other things that they do is provide homeschool help to homeschool parents. Every couple of weeks they have what they call a "round-up". A round-up is when the crew members submit some of their posts that revolve around a certain topic. For this next weeks topic we submitted posts that talk about our Favorite FREE! (or Cheap) Homeschool Resources.
Have you ever thought about homeschooling but didn't really know how you could afford it? Well, let me tell you, we used to spend hundreds of dollars a year on homeschool things. Over the years, however, we have learned how to homeschool by spending little or no money. Of course, being on the Schoolhouse Review Crew has helped, and there are some things that John Allen used that we have used with our younger boys as well, but, many of the things we use now weren't from the Schoolhouse Review Crew or weren't hand-me-downs. They are things that we have found either free or very cheap. We have even developed our own history curriculum using inexpensive resources.
How do we do it? Well, you'll have to wait until next Friday when the Favorite FREE! (or Cheap) Homeschool Resources round-up goes live. When it does you'll find the three posts that I submitted and posts from many, many, other Schoolhouse Review Crew members. So, stay tuned and put on your calendar to come back to this post and click on the banner above. It will take you to all of the neat posts. Happy Homeschooling!

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