Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Crazy Mixed Up Summer - Part One! - Bridge Community Church's Vacation Bible School

Those of you who follow me on facebook know that the Tinkel family is having a crazy, fantastic, mixed-up summer. Various members of the family are traveling to or through at least 14 different states and provinces (yes I said provinces) in two different countries and we will collectively travel over...hmm...I haven't completely counted it up yet, but I know it will be upwards towards 5000 miles. Our summer is packed with something going on almost every week. We actually started about three weeks ago and are really now on Part Three of our crazy, fantastic, mixed-up summer, so I have some catching up to do. This post is Part One of a Ten Part Series so get ready to come along on a bumpy trip with the nutty Tinkel family (we must be nuts for attempting something like what we are attempting)!

As I mentioned before, Part One was about three week ago...I think...I've really lost track of all time...when Sarah and I directed our churches first annual Vacation Bible School. Our church is a very young church - only about a year and a half old. Last year we didn't have a VBS, but Sarah really felt that God was leading us to direct one this summer and I felt the leading of the Lord as well so we began the planning about four month ago and had a fantastic time with The Bridge Community Church's "Children of the Bible" 2013 VBS.

The VBS was a great success. We had plenty of help and a lot of kids. In fact, we had so much help and things ran so smoothly that when an adult or teen showed up and asked where they were needed we really didn't know where to put them. All of the workers were awesome and fit what they volunteered to do perfectly. Thank you Lord!

Sarah trusted the Lord at a VBS when she was young, so Vacation Bible Schools are near and dear to her heart. She loved directing this one and took a lot of pictures. Below you will see some of the highlights. I actually thought that Sarah and I had taken more pictures than what I found, but I guess we were just both too busy to remember to take them. Oh well, enjoy what I found!

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