Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bend of the River Places First...Twice!

I've posted about my children being competitive shooters before. I even wrote a mini-series for my blog last summer about how they got started that you can find by clicking here. Just as a refresher, though, most of you know that John Allen has an artificial left eye due to a rare form of childhood eye cancer that he was diagnosed with when he was 18 months old. Because of that, he has no depth perception. That makes it extremely difficult for him to play any sports. When he was in second grade, we discovered an excellent competitive BB gun program that was very close to our home and decided to sign him up. He immediately took to shooting, became one of the top shooters in the state, and has since moved on to shooting competitive air rifle.
This is his second year shooting in air rifle competitions and he is doing well. Last weekend was the Tennessee State 4H Air Rifle Championships and he shot the best score he has ever shot and placed 6th overall. His team, the Bend of the River Possums, placed first! They now have to make the decision of whether they are going to accept the invitation to go to the 4H National Shooting Championships in Grand Island, NE this summer. They may also shoot at the Daisy National Championships as well.
Joshua shot in the BB Gun competition and also did well by placing right in the middle of the pack with over 130 shooters competing. Bend of the River placed first in the BB match as well!
Below is a brief video put together by Charlie Pardue, the head coach and owner of Bend of the River. Congratulations to all of the Bend of the River shooters!

2013 tn 4H bb & Air Rifle Champions Slideshow: Charlie’s trip to Dickson was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!

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