Friday, January 18, 2013

Gun Control - My View

This was a response that I wrote to a friend on Facebook when we were discussing gun control. I thought I would repost it on my blog with only a few slight changes.

I've given gun laws a little thought. At first I thought, “Well, what's wrong with banning these assault rifles or other automatic guns that fire multiple rounds in seconds? After all, they aren't used for hunting or anything like that." Then I thought about another controversial ruling from 40 years ago or so - Abortion.
At first abortions were made legal to "keep them out of the back alley" or to be used as the last resort and for the safety of women. Most advocates didn’t intend for them to be used for birth control or because the pregnancy just wasn’t convenient. Today, in some places, abortions can happen almost up until birth. For that matter, look at partial birth abortions.  All that is left in the  mother's womb is the head. The rest is out of the womb before the baby is “aborted”. Today some doctors will determine the sex of the baby and, if the parent doesn’t like the sex, abort the baby! There are even some “doctors” in other countries that advocate for “aborting” babies that are BORN with severe birth defects. After all, let’s put them out of their misery! What’s going to be next? “Aborting” children that mental challenges, like Downs babies or maybe even kids with autism like mine?  I’m not saying that all who agree that abortion should be legal agree with all of that, but, like it or not, that’s what abortion has become.
That’s what I feel will happen with guns. First it will be the assault rifles and such, then, after time, it will start to trickle down to hand guns, rifles and shotguns. In fact, that is exactly what some folks are hoping will happen. I know, some folks reading this are rolling their eyes and thinking how dumb I am, but am I really? Could that really happen? In 20, 30, 40 years down the road could it truly just be the criminals that have guns?

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