Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Poor Neglected Blog and GO TEAM!

How's that title for trying to convey two things at once?!?

Anyway, I feel like I have totally neglected my blog the past few days. I've had laryngitis...the vocal kind which has nothing to do with fingers, so you would think that I could still type posts. Nevertheless, I have been coughing and sputtering and not really wanting to do anything but sleep.

Unfortunately I have also been extremely busy so I haven't been able to sleep much until today. Which brings me to my next topic. The reason I have been busy is that John Allen and Joshua had a big shooting match yesterday - the Tennessee 4H State Championship. John Allen shot air rifle and Joshua shot competative BB gun. This was the first full competition for John Allen and he placed seventh and his team placed second. Our BB team placed first! Sarah took pictures but I am just too lazy right now to download them and post them. So, pictures will be coming!

Congratulations Team!

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