Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Our 2017 Summer Adventures–Part 1–Trip to Pennsylvania!

Life has been a real adventure for the past few months. Many of you know that we bought a new home at the beginning of the year, and, since then, have welcomed four new members into our family. Three are teen brothers that we love dearly and are soon to become their legal guardians. One is a fantastic young man who is a friend of my oldest son. He found himself in a bit of trouble and was homeless, so we welcomed him into our home as well. Poor Sarah can’t seem to get a break. She now has 8 males living with her!

When we first embraced these awesome young men and took them into our family we realized that they hadn’t had the some of the opportunities to travel and see other things. In fact, the three brothers had barely been out of the state of Tennessee. One had never been outside of the state. We were very excited to be able to show them what life was like elsewhere. Our first small adventure was to a weekend retreat in Kentucky.

About a month ago, though, we were able to take them up to Pennsylvania to our missions annual conference. It was a blast! They had so much fun seeing new things. One of the things that they really liked was The Virginia Safari Park and Zoo. I’m going to write more about that later, but in this post I wanted to share some pictures from our trip up to conference.

Most of the pictures are from Gettysburg. We didn’t have a lot of time to spend there - really only a couple of hours, but we found that at least one of the boys, Robert, loved being there. When I told him later that it seemed like he really liked history, he commented that he liked going to historic places and learning about them there, but didn’t like reading about history from a textbook. That’s the way a lot of us like to learn, so visits to some historic places may be in our future! Enjoy the pictures. I hope you see the enthusiasm that the boy’s had in seeing new places.

PA Trip 1PA Trip 2PA Trip 3PA Trip 5PA Trip 7PA Trip 4

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